Twenty-Fifteen: Phone, In-Person, Skype? (Sept./Oct./Nov.)

Twenty-Fifteen is a collection of short pieces that focus on each month of this year. Every piece is about a moment that greatly impacted my life or is the most memorable. This is September, October, November.

Interview on Monday. 
Interview on Wednesday. 
Interview on Friday.

Second interview on Tuesday.
Rejection on Thursday.
Breathe on Saturday.

I’m waiting for something I want. 
I get excited for a few jobs, but I don’t get them. 
I don’t get excited for a few jobs, I get offers. 
I don’t want to settle.

This is difficult. 
I feel so millennial.
I feel stuck.

We’ve been talking. 
We’re trying to be friends. 
It’s not working. 
Everything is difficult.

My mom wants every job to be the one. 
I take a sales job to appease the tension. 
A month of experience gained. 
I settled. 
I leave.

Fall is almost over. 
Winter always brings new air.

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