On Being Pro-life, but not a Republican.
Meryl Angelicola

Applause because you are actually looking at outcomes rather than promises.

I am even inclined to agree that life starts at conception, but I am only acceding that it is life of a clump of cells which happen to have human DNA and which have the potential to become human.

I think it is a crime to outlaw abortion. No woman should be forced to carry and raise a child that was conceived without her consent.

No girl should be forced to carry and raise a child she cannot care for. No young couple should be forced to shoulder a family when they cannot even feed and house themselves just because their sex education failed to teach them how to avoid pregnancies.

And no child should be condemned to grow up hated because pro-lifers insisted that the parents (or just the mother) shoulder the hardships following a bad judgement.

To deny abortion in such cases is unethical (and deeply un-christian). To allow such cases to come up is unethical. That is something that pro-life should campaign for.

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