The survival of the fittest, Darwinian notion of evolution of humanity is tired and outdated…
Larry G. Maguire

Darwinian theory apparently still rules for corporations and finance houses, and by extension treats the human resources likewise. American style hire-and-fire unethical work relationships and the systematic dismantling of unions has resulted in financial Darwinism.

Democracy is imperfect when its checks and balances get parasitized by corporations and (other) criminal (or at least anti-social) networks. It is also imperfect when populism trumps factually based decision-making. At times I could envision a better scenario where there is a democratically elected board overseeing a bunch of executives with firm grasp of facts and the subject they are deciding over — a corporate model.

I see one major problem with the extremele limited or even total lack of accountability of representants and government officials to the voters and to the commonwealth that is the state — whether a loose one like the one directed by the US federal government, state level, or a more involved state as in the European democracies.

I sometimes wonder whether nations should be treated like corporations, with the citizens unalienable stake-holders by birth or by immigration, and corporations being a form of lesser stake-holders by buy-in or license to operate within.