Beheaded by the Nazis at age 21, Sophie Scholl died fighting against white supremacy
Laura Smith

It wasn’t white supremacy the White Rose fought, but tribalism gone toxic and genocidal. Us against them, and “them” didn’t deserve human rights. The same went on in eastern Germany a decade later, this time hailing the other extreme — Stalinist “socialism”.

These things are going on in other ways, too, like assaulting abortion clinics or teaching creationist propaganda in public schools or pogroms against whistleblowers uncovering anti-constitutional and illegal activities of branches of the state administration. Or massive internet aggression under either the pretext of political correctness by left-leaning university students against underpaid teachers, or under no pretext at all in the abysmal Gamergate idiocy, ruining peoples’ lives and livelihoods.

And Racism and American supremacy — the latter apparently sold as a patriotic necessity while dismissing the rest of the world as worthless, at least when in conflict with the USA.

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