Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

So, just because of the accident of being born into privilege and body issues that happen to conform with what the bigots consider as the one true way makes someone unworthy of help?

Being a straight white male isn’t a crime. Being German, and being descended from one grandfather who supported the national socialists from the time of his immigration from Austria soon after Hitler’s election, and another grandfather who got drafted into the Waffen SS (both died before my birth) isn’t a crime, either. Being insecure with females due to former issues with self control and juvenile violence (against other males, to my knowledge straight, and ganging up on the nerd) while fighting off hormonal rushes that haven’t diminished much since those times decades ago isn’t a crime, either. Ridiculing New Age beliefs in alternative medicine, PETA style vegan activists and nationalists might be a misdemeanor, or might be a protest against unreasonable demands for political correctness.

I sort of admire your lack of political correctness here. In a way, it fits mine.

At the same time, this stance places you in the ranks of those bullies and bully supporters I used to rage against before I learned to suppress my natural impulses, with all the detrimental side-effects denying yourself your true nature. Not being a volatile asshole is not a good reproductive strategy, let me tell you that.

I admit to having all the impulses of the male hairy ape. Unless I am in a state of reduced mental acuity (whether from drinking too much or from oppressive heat) I tend not to follow these impulses, and my internal checks and balances prevent me from acting on these impulses. This may still create uncomfortable situations for those who notice me letting out the male hairy ape. Having a physique that may feel imposing doesn’t help much lessening the impact of letting that ape shine through.

I do interrupt others expounding their position, regardless of gender or other allegiances. I’m used to being interrupted, too. That’s far from being politically correct, but there is only so much bull feces I can stand.

In other words, I may come across as the poster boy for your image of an enemy of your position. You surely wouldn’t lift a finger to save me if what you wrote so provocatively is how you act.

On the other hand, I am someone who is convinced that you don’t ask for anything beyond your human rights. Your sexual orientation doesn’t harm innocents, and if it may cause self-righteous moralists discomfiture, too bad. They cause me discomfiture, they obviously do more than that towards you.

I still hope you won’t act on your advice any more than I act consciously on the impulses of my inner ape. Eliminating a single asshole through malicious inaction won’t do you or your cause any good.

Having such fantasies and putting them into writing can be cathartic. Acting on them can be a crime. Better stick to misdemeanors.