Sarthak Jain

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Have this question ever came in your mind “ AM I PRODUCTIVE ?” or “ How to be productive?” .If yes then great (I have another reader who will like and share this article ;) ),alright jokes apart I am concerned with different thing, the only thing I am really concerned about is are you really DOING something about being productive,


u are one of those who are still making dumb excuses “Sarthak …I want to be productive but I do not get time.” or “Sarthak ,I would have done it, but I have million other problems to deal with.”


Listen to me, everybody’s got stuff. The problem is nobody cares. You are given exact 24 hours a day like the rest of the 7 billion people on this planet.The difference is they ain’t making excuses for why they were not able to wake up early today ,or they ain’t complaining about the poor Monday morning .And this is the reason why they are one step ahead in productivity, of everybody of you reading this right now.


The World out there my friend is BAD and BRUTAL.If you want to out stand from the rest,and if you really want to be among the 10% , you have to

You should be hungry enough to shout out to the world and say that “I want the whole fuckin pie,and I am gonna grab it.”Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t get satisfied very easily. Be that hungry fellow who either die or gets a pie but never quits.


There is no alternative to WORK. “Sarthak I am not good at painting.”Because you haven’t painted yet. Do it for the next 365 days like a badass and then say that statement in front of me again. Putting in the work is the key. I know it will be tough though in the beginning but eventually things will start taking its pace. Lot of things we do are debatable, even luck is debatable but work……


And even if it does not work out, if you were not able to be a great painter ,it really does not matter.But the 6,8,9 or 12 months of grinding yourself is an investment for you, which will pay in the later stage of your life.Because sometimes……

JOURNEY matters, more than theOUTCOME.”

So back to the starting question again ,if you have not figured out what you have to do with your life ,then don’t right now.Let it be suspense.Don’t think about making the year productive or the month or the day. Start living for minutes, make your minutes productive year will automatically fall in its way.

Put yourself on fields now,don’t make strategic plans, don’t make timetables or targets . Get your canvas, paper,laptops,cameras or whatever that you think you are going to do today and just contently do it 24*7*365 until you feel like your HUNGER has calm down.

“If you really liked it please spread the words because there are lot who can make use of this little information.”