Modifying the Mail App


In this blog i will be discussing about my rapid prototyping assignment which is recreation of an App’s Home Screen & and an additional home screen of the same application with atleast 3 modifactions in the screen which you think should be changed to make the app more easy for the ultimate user.

I am a iPhone user & i was having a problem with mail app since a long time & it is not still fixed by apple.I will discuss about the problem downwards in the blog.Here is the screenshot of the mail app & the recreated screen on adobe xd.Some of the icons were not found ,so i used icons similar to them & some part of the page is masked.

Original Screen

Now i will show what modifications i have done in the home screen of the mail app.Since long i was having problem with this:-

Problem in Updating(Refreshing)-As i have set the setting of refreshing the mailbox to manual,but when i open the app & scroll down to refresh it doesn’t happen in the single time,i have to do it like 3–4 times & then it gets refreshed.

Modification -To overcome the above problem ,i have recreated the screen & added a dedicated refresh icon in place for filter icon.Clicking this would let the user to refresh the mailbox quickly without any problems.

2.No display picture-One of the biggest issues with the mail app is ,it doesn’t have a display picture icon on the mail recieved.

Modification-To get rid of this problem ,i have added a display picture icon next to the sender’s mail address which is shown in the inbox screen.

3.Highlighting the favourites-In the mail app there was no favourites icon for highlighting the frequent sender’s or for our freinds relatives,etc.

Modification-A star icon is added next to the time for the frequent sender who is added in our favourites list.

I am uploading three screens for this problem, one is the screenshot of my phone’s app,next is the recreated screen & the last one is the modified screen from the recreated screen.

Please Note-There is a difference in the font style , as i couldn’t get the exact same fonts for my adobe xd,due to problem.


One cannot think of the solution to a problem without doing it roughly or thinking in a creative manner which is understandable by all the users.I am uploading the sketch of the screen which helped me in finalizing the design.



Doing this assignment was a mixed bag of feelings for me,as i was doing this on Adobe XD for windows,which is a pain itself.The software crashes alot ,i have to recreate the screens couple of times which is very annoying.This Software really needs a new update which fixes all the bugs.

I had an issue with font ,the font which i wanted to use was not installing on this software which is the main reason of difference between my screens.

Mock UPS

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