The Ideal Travel Bag

A journey to a far off place begins with a reliable travel bag. Most experienced travelers believe and preach that packing smart and light is one of the most important parts of a journey. And following the same ideology, brands like American Tourister have been making durable and lightweight travel bags for its travel enthusiast customers.

It can be hard to squeeze every essential you need on a travel, into a single piece of luggage. When cramming everything into a single luggage is no option, you need your travel bag to have plenty of pockets for better organization. Plus, smart travel features like lockable zippers and a wheel set can be added benefits for making travelling easy.

Whether your purpose is checking the bags you already have or looking to buy a new lightweight travel bag, we’ve got you covered. The following guide will help you find the right type of luggage for all your journeys:

Knowing what to expect from your destination and how much you’ll need to pack will allow you to easily choose between the large variety of American Tourister bags and travel backpacks, with features ranging from wheels and handles to various organizational accessories. To ensure that you choose a bag that perfectly fits your usual or unusual needs, here are a few things to consider:

1. Length of the journey — Do you plan to take a weekend trip? Then you should be able to fit in your requirements into a lightweight duffel bag. But for a longer vacation, you might need something like a rolling luggage for comfortable travelling.

2. Modes of transportation — For long international journeys, where you would have multiple layovers or flights, a heavy wheelie bag is impractical, and a wheeled backpack can work for a bus journey that might involve a considerable amount of walking. For train and bus travels you surely need to consider bags that fit in the overhead compartments.

3. Type of travel — There will be different needs for those planning to go camping in a remote location and for those staying at a posh hotel. Depending on where you are headed, the type of gear you’ll need may vary.

4. Activities — The kind of activities you plan to do at your vacation destination or in between the journey will also influence the bag type. For somebody who has to pack bathing suits and kilts for a lazy beach vacation, a smaller and comparatively compact travel bag will work better than for somebody who has to pack climbing gear and tools for a trek or adventure trip.

There’s a right American Tourister bag for every type of traveler. Lightweight carry-on bags are best for international travel, overnight stays, weekend trips, or single-day business trips, while wheeled duffel bags are great for adventure travels as well as for a weekend trip. Backpacks and wheeled backpacks are specifically comfortable for day trips, multi-destinations, and adventure travels.

No matter whether you’re a frequent jet setter or an infrequent adventurer, you do not have to get stuck with bulky and poor-quality travel bags that obstruct your adventurous journey. For more details, visit

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