Don’t grow up it’s a trap.

Engineering students have a fair amount of idea that why they chose engineering (safe option, money, job) but don’t know what they actually want to do in life besides getting punched down by sarcasms thrown by the hypocritical Indian relatives consciously or sub consciously. I am an average engineer in an average college working my ass off for an average corporate job which I am so sure that I am going to hate but still doing it so as to get the monetary dependency off from my parents.

My parents are way too cooler for their generation than an average home in India(not my mom though but dad always have a way around convincing her). They have given me too much independence that even sometimes I think that would I give that to my child. No I wont!!

I am not from an extremely wealthy family but they gave me all luxuries they could which is more than I need. Sometimes I feel so much in debt to them but I don’t do much about it yet though. I am still studying from a pathetic engineering college though I have met some very intelligent and creative minds who are also slogging the same way that I am to get a fucking engineering job so that they can also exist with this humongous peer pressure to succeed writing and executing piece of shitty code that they have to compile with error and efficiency. Done generally in IDE of **Road** Code blocks. I don’t hate coding it’s just that student are not learning to code for developing something helpful and new(Isn’t that what an engineer is suppose to do).Solve some real life problems to make this society a better and easier place to live in.(But who fucking cares until you get a job and get settled). Very few actually do and rest of them join the flock.

While(confusion.exist) {
JoinEngineering() { engineer++}
If(Engineering.complete()) {CreateBots(engineer) { bot++; jobs--}}

Just passing the examination and finally getting a degree to eventually be part of the vicious circle of corporate lifestyle in some multi national corporation should not be the goal. In the final year of engineering life most of the students are not satisfied with what they are doing. Even a student who gets placed, his/her excitement is short lived because now that student has to again work in a forced environment of deadlines for the clients implementing and pushing the code to production without bursting(such fucked up scenes). From the first day he enters his job he knows clearly that this is not what he wants to do but due to survival he has to(Darwanism basically!!). While this might look a positive trait, Be Aware! It’s not here!! This whole process is just adding a new bot to the factory. I won’t let me be part of this circle of mediocre existence.

I have a complex character traits mixed of a panda and a wolf. I am very intuitive about things and I can survive anywhere alone finding my own path. Although whenever the panda side of me wakes up then I don’t give even a micro cellular fuck about anything besides 2 things which is food and sleep and if measured on a Richter scale, the laziness level of me rises to a magnitude of 10.0 which is off the charts.

It’s not that hard to find the things you want to do in your life. Only if you keep listening to your inner sound of conscience to get clarity rather than getting bogged down by the environmental pressure that surrounds you. Like a duck just be calm on outside keep pushing forward with full force using those webbed feet. Keep taking small decisive actions everyday to build yourself up.

You will get their eventually where you want yourself to be.