A walk to remember…

A walk with her without having any knowledge about destination are the best steps that can have ever taken.Those roads on which we walk togather looks like a path to heaven, heaven where you are Queen and I am your King, heaven full of clouds of love where we are away from worries of life.The path is and will always be full of people rushing towards there destination and vehicles blowing horn to overtake each other but with you it feels like the road is empty the only voice that can be heard is voice of your heart beating for me and every thing stops for a while.When ever we walk and suddenly your hand touches mine at that time the spark that generates makes my heart pump fast.Your presence is all what I want this feeling of satisfaction is achieved when ever you are with me,but sometimes life take twist and turns where the road divides into two and unfortunately two buds have to divide and have to move ahead with keeping alive the memories once which they had lived togather.

S.S (1:04am)

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