Creating an Interview series with Designers in the National Capital of India


The Team and the Timeline


The ABCD Model of defining an objective

How might we create a platform to create awareness about designers in our own city

The Journey

Our journey from beginning to end of the project

Finding Designers and Designing Content

Developing the questions for the interview

  • Journey into Design
  • Current field of work and past projects
  • Philosophy about design
  • State of Design in India
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Advice for Designers
  • Future Projects

Information Architecture

Making long form content enjoyable for the user

  • Audio Snippets : In order to present a candid perspective and provide a rich experience to the user, we decided to include some portions of the interview in the form of audio snippets.
  • Photos : Having photos in between long stream of texts can break the monotony and make the act of reading active in nature.
  • Quotes : We also used bold quotes to break the stream of long text blocks.
Audio snippets in between long forms of text to create more engaging content for the user

The Resources Section

Various resources from Books to Articles to Documentaries

Visual Language

Various visual iterations


Check out the website here.



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