Optimizing the Hostelworld Web experience — a User Research case study

About Hostelworld

Research objective

My Role and Timeline

The Design Process

A product solution lies at the intersection of user needs and business goals

Our 2 weeks

The double diamond design process

Discovery Phase

Interviewing users at Nice Way Hostel(left) and Pilot Design Hostel(right)

The people we interviewed were from different nationalities, cultures with varying traveling preferences which helped us in gathering diverse perspectives.

Organized data from the first set of interviews

Define Phase

Screenshot of user recordings and our observations
Organized data of issues observed during usability testing

The result is depicted in the graph below which shows even if an issue has occurred once in testing, it might occur 65% of the times in the real world while if it has occurred five times in testing, it might still occur just 60% of the times in the real world.

Decision tree to prioritize usability issues by userfocus.co.uk
Prioritized usability issues based on the decision tree
Video showing a user switching to Google Maps from the Hostelworld website
Ads for booking websites when searching for an hostel/hotel in Google Maps

As you can see, once the user abandons Hostelworld’s website to visit Google Maps, he can find other booking platforms offering the same property for a cheaper rate.

Current issues in Hostelworld Map

Problem Definition

How might we improve the Hostelworld Map Experience?




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