“Why worry about something, that isn’t going to happen ?”

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Oh, it did; And it was - disastrous.

If you have watched The Chernobyl Web Series :

You will agree that it’s the worst nuclear disaster that ever took place ; It clearly could have been avoided. Then there is Fukushima - One could argue that the latter isn’t a far cry when compared to the former, yet : Comparing both the incidents gives us a lot of insight into business and proper management.

Here are a few interesting findings, I came across :

1. Never compromise with the product quality

“Goddammit Kevin, this could’ve been an email!”

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Due to COVID-19, my entire team is scattered. Things that used to just happen naturally while in the office now need all sorts of planning and discussion. And that means meetings are a must.

Or are they?

At Skynox Tech, we work with a lot of different startups to help them materialize their ideas, and hence, we have multiple teams. I have to coordinate with them all to achieve this. But that takes a huge chunk of my time. Moreover, as new projects come in and old ones are concluded, team structures change from time to time. …

How to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, healthy, and productive in this time of crisis.

This is the time when keeping yourself safe can help save others. The COVID-19 situation has been devolving into a bigger mess by the day, becoming a global pandemic the likes of which we haven’t seen often in the history of mankind. Despite the instant availability of facts and figures related to this crisis, it makes me sad to see that many people are still not taking it seriously.

Being in the IT industry makes it easy for most of us to work from home. In fact this holds true not just for the IT industry but for most of…

The journey of a longtime VS Code user back to the roots, rediscovering love for Sublime Text and its lightweight goodness.

Okay, this will be a really quick article. Up until just a few days ago, I was a VS Code lover like anyone else these days. I use to write a column of top VS Code Themes and Plugins every month in my monthly blog series as well, but recently, I shifted back to Sublime Text.

Why? Let me tell you in this blog post.

Why? 🤔

So while we were working on a big old project, I observed something. Some of my teammates started complaining about their systems slowing down when working on that project. They complained about this often, and…

In this politically charged climate, it’s time for web developers to wake up and fight the injustices.

Hello, my fellow developers. Hope you’re all doing well.

Today, I want to talk about something serious. It’s something that concerns all of us, yet it often goes unnoticed because so many of us choose not to care.

I want to talk about the lack of political awareness among the dev community.

It has bothered me on several occasions in the past, but something was brought to my attention by a friend this time, and I had to write this post.

Yoren is a friend of mine whom I met during my trip to Taiwan in February. She is a…

CSS scares a lot of developers, and this fear materializes in the form of jokes/memes. Fear not, however! I’ll teach you how to conquer it!

I have been mentoring developers since 2013, and I can never stop putting emphasis on how important mastering HTML and CSS is if you want to make your career in the World Wide Web. It’s been 7 years now and CSS is more powerful than ever. Thanks to Javascript, now you can make desktop and mobile apps as well using HTML and CSS, and that makes learning CSS even more important. Despite that, so many devs I know are either afraid of it or just not interested in learning it. …

A popular coding challenge. But can it really help you get better at coding? Only if you don’t lose sight of this one important thing.

If you use Twitter, you must have seen this #100daysofcode popping up in your feed every now and then. I saw it often but never tried it. This year, however, I made a commitment to myself, which was to make 12 products in 12 months. Might sound weird to some, but it has worked great for me so far.

We have successfully launched 2 products on ProductHunt so far, have completed making the 3rd one, and have started working on the 4th as well. But the challenge is yet to be completed; far from it actually. And that only excites…

I’m going to tell you the recipe for a pill that will increase the power of your brain.

Well, NO! Not that kind of pill.

Also, just a heads up. This post is not about meditation.

But in fact, in this post, we will discuss some simple yet effective tips to use your brain to achieve more in your Development career. So let’s get started.

I often talk about the importance of having a purpose in life. In this article, let’s talk about taking concrete steps to fulfill that purpose.

All this year, in most of my posts, my goal was to give you tips and tricks to improve your productivity. But I almost forgot to share one important habit with you that really helped me achieve all my goals this year and take me one step closer to realizing my purpose. It’s the habit of journaling.

I have talked about it’s importance in my article “Morning Routine Followed by Tim Ferriss Himself ”. Writing a morning journal will put your mind in the right mindset. It also helps you to put things in the right perspective, so you don’t…

Leading a purposeful life is admittedly not an easy task, but it’s important. And if you’ve come to this realisation as well, this is the right place to start.

If I could tell you one thing that is common among all the great heroes you’ve ever heard of, whether fictional or real, it’s that they all have a “Purpose”. And all their actions revolve around that true Purpose. Undoubtedly, for most people, it’s not easy to find your purpose, but it’s crucial. I believe that…

Life is all about short-term goals and a long-term purpose.

…and this is the mantra we are going to talk about in this article. Once you understand this and implement it in to your life, nothing can stop you.

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