Monopolisation of media

Why is it a problem?

According to the document (Shadows of Liberty) monopolisation of media is a bad thing. That is because then people would only get information from one point of view. News that doesn’t serve the media outlet or its sponsors wouldn’t be published. That affects democracy badly because media consumers wouldn’t get all the information needed for true opinion.

For example if Mc Donalds is a sponsor for a massive media company and something really bad was revealed about it, it wouln’t be published because outlet doesn’t want to talk badly of its sponsors.

Then again if something even not as big but still negative was revealed of some other company it would be published because it is not news outlet’s sponsor. That wouldn’t be fair.

And if all news only came from one source it’d have only one point of view. For example if there was only one news outlet publishing news about politics and that outlet supports Trump, then it’d only publish news about him with positive and agreeing tone. That would affect people’s opinions very strongly because people usually believe media. It’d also make it harder to have your own differing opinion because lack of information and given information not giving you different points of view. Some people might feel discriminated and un-heard.

My opinions

I think it’d be better to have less monopolization on media because then every point of view is represented. That also promotes democracy and human rights, because people should have a say and it should be heard. When the same subject is told by different people with different people, it is easier to form your own opinion about things and i think that is an important thing in a democratic country.

And if there were more news and media outlets all the money wouldn’t go to one place. That way more people would get reasonable amount of money rather than one person/ small group getting everything.

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