Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate


The Biggest Reason for E Commerce Failure is NO or Almost Zero Conversions

Here are some reasons why you have low conversion rate:

  • High Cost
  • Unable to Find a Product
  • Bad User Interface (UI)
  • Product Out of Stock
  • No Assurance
  • Untrusted Payment Gateway
  • Competitors Offer Lower Costs
  • Incomplete or Improper Product Information
  • Zero Product Reviews
  • No Customer Support
  • Takes Too Long to Load
  • Little Credibility

OK, Did you catch that?

Make sure your online business would not have these bad Features.

So How to Increase your conversion ….. Read more carefully .

Engage Your Customers By Showing;

  1. Exciting Discount Offers
  2. Free Trials
  3. Coupon Codes
  4. Demos
  5. Loyalty Programs

Display Credibility

  • Use specific statistics and numbers to increase your eCommerce company’s credibility.

Recommend Popular Related Products

  • Show popular related products and clearly mark your top sellers.

Offer Auto-Complete Suggestions in Product Search

  • Add auto-complete suggestions in your product search box to easily guide users to what they want
  • People selected results from the auto suggest 9.6% more often

Add Reassurance Copy

  • Add little bits of copy around your CTAs that make users feel comfortable about their decision
  • An action-oriented head line and copy earned a 38.3% conversion rate

Feature High-Revenue Products Above Fold

  • Your best selling, most profitable products should be placed in front and ‘above the fold’ on your site.


In a 1975 study, researchers wanted to know how people would value cookies in two identical glass jars. One jar had 10 cookies, whereas the other contained just two. Though the cookies and jars were same, participants valued the ones in the near empty jar more. And that’s the SCARCITY principle at play.

Responsive Website

  • More Than 50% of today’s users access websites through mobile phones or tablet every month.

A/B Testing

  • A/B Tests are the best way to check which page design has more engagement. Picking the better performing variation will boost your conversion rate.

Increase Subscribers

  • Email Marketing Has 175% more revenue and 83% higher conversion rates.

Reminder To Wishlist

  • Send a reminder newsletters or show a reminder at checkout about products customers have added in their wishlists.

Real Time Support System

  • Customers may seek advice and have queries before purchasing online products. Providing personal assistance gives a unique shopping experience and helps in gaining trust.
  • Intuit increased conversions by 211% after implementing a proactive chat.