Get your focus back

Sarunas Knabikas
May 30, 2017 · 2 min read


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Some days are chaotic and it looks like too many things are going on at the same time. When it happens it’s hard to get your focus together. And your little friends stress with anger are trying to sneak in to make things a little more interesting.

How to work around this? Answer is quite simple. Ignore everything! Just for a second focus, relax and make a list. Yes, simple old plain paper list nothing fancy. Purpose of this is the moment of stopping, stepping back and getting clarity and focus back.

After your list is done and includes all the bits and pieces, just pick one task (best to start with the small one to get ball rolling :)). Focus on making list items and cross after you are done. After you will finish a task and cross it with pen you will get that great feeling of accomplishment (even it’s a 5 minute task).

List will give you an idea where you are, what’s left and will help to answer question where you are with your tasks. Plan can fail but list will stay.

Listing stuff to do is nothing new and will probably not save the day but at least you will have less of chaos in your head and the clear idea what you are doing. Before you start procrastinating :).

Less chaos = More energy

From sunny London with best wishes,

Originally published at Sarunas Knabikas Blog.

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