Magic of care

Sarunas Knabikas
2 min readAug 25, 2017



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When we care we put more effort into things we do. With more caring we can get the much better result from our own work. But the hard part is to start caring about something. This is mostly true if task at hand is simply to put — no fun. We put less attention if don’t care. If we can we try to forget about it.

But what if we would care more about any task you do? It would probably create much more value for us than we think. As little things counts in the end. But how to start caring about stuff that is irrelevant or boring for us? Try to make things fun even if they are completely opposite of what fun means to you. Turns out fun is not just goofing around it’s actually work. But work in the right way. Where extra care is added by us into things that didn’t care before.

For me task gamification was pretty straight forward answer. Before I did it, things were going something like this. As task would get written down on some piece of paper. After a while it would get lost somewhere in space and time. Or other tasks would come up and the first one would be “put back for later”. It was frustrating. Missing deadlines even if they were set by myself. Things missed not done. Tried several methods to make todo lists to work. But failed many times. After some research I found another method of gamifying tasks: bullet journal. Luckily this one actually worked. Helped me to organise and improve day to day process of making things happen and not get missed. Just knowing where I am in the massive list of tasks is helping a lot. And added meaning for each task in the grand scheme provides before missed purpose. As this was built into design of bullet journal it worked.

This is not for everyone but gamifying might help you to start looking into work differently. Caring just a little bit more about boring parts and having more fun is never a bad thing.

Magic happens when people start to care about things they wouldn’t normally.

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P.S.: If you are interested into bullet journal you can set it up in any paper notebook. You can find complete guide here:

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