Just enough Dart for Flutter

So you saw the Flutter framework popping at almost everywhere you go and want to try it out, because you are a developer and that is what developers do :D try out new stuff! Before you dive into Flutter you have to learn the programming language that is used to build Flutter apps, and that is Dart.

While learning Dart is not that difficult of a task, because it is more or less a mixture of Java and JavaScript, it still takes time to understand a programming language. But you just can’t wait to write a Flutter app!

Can’t wait to write Flutter apps!

So I have put together a short tutorial series that takes you through the Dart language and shows just enough features of the language that you will need to get started with Flutter.

Tutorial 01 — Variables, Types and Functions

In this tutorial you will learn how to define variables in Dart and understand the type system. Then you will get to know the various types that are available to you in Dart such Numbers, Strings, Lists etc. After that you will play with functions which is one of the most important aspects of a programming language.

Tutorial 02 — Control Flow and Exceptions

In this tutorial you will take a look at if/else statements in Dart and various types of loops. You will also see how exceptions and exception handling works in Dart.

Tutorial 03 — Classes and Generics

In this tutorial you will learn how to define classes in Dart, inheritance and all that good stuff. You will also learn some new features introduced by Dart such has named cosntructurs. Then you will take a look at how to implement a generic class in Dart.

Tutorial 04 — Asynchronous and Libraries

In this tutorial you will learn one of most important feature when it comes to mobile development and that is handling and executing asynchronous code. You will see how to use Future’s, a concept that Dart utilises to make async code easier to manage.

After going through these tutorials you will learn just enough Dart to easily jump into Flutter development.


PS: Flutter tutorials coming soon ;).