UCD Charlette

Going in a studio for the first time stirred mixed feelings. I was both excited and nervous. This was the first time I was uncertain of doing anything. I didn’t know what to except. Were we going to build some sort of device and learn the methods in the process? Were we going to be thrown in the ocean and left to swim? There was only one way to know.

What I did? How and why I did it?

When I first entered the studio, I saw fellow students sitting in groups of three. My instant reaction was “thank god we are sitting in groups” because I didn’t know the H in HCDE. So, I joined a group. We introduced ourselves and my group mates turned out to be my seniors and were obviously really friendly. At this point the studio begun and Mrs. Dharma introduced herself as the TA and made us familiar with the studio. The aim of UCD Charlette was to make us familiar with the six fields that made up HCDE and what each field did. We at first worked individually to come up with the ideas of the type of user the product would target and were then selected on popular vote and given randomly to each group. We, then, came up with some features that the user might need and came with solution to a few of them. Finally, we sketched our prototype for one the feature on a sketchpad and presented it to the studio.

Me doing good work
My nice group members


This studio helped me come to understand what HCDE is all about. I started to understand the subject more and feel more involved. It was a fun studio, although I encountered some difficulty. Firstly, everything was fast paced. From thinking about ideas to sketching to presenting, everything was time restricted and the time given was too short. And since this was my first time doing such activity, my brain was not used to it and I was constantly falling short of time. Even the illustrations didn’t come out that well due to time issues. However, I believe that this would only become better as I get used to the speed of doing things.

Things I liked about the project

I liked the creative ideas that the people came up with. I also liked working in groups as it showed me the creative side of others and was able to experience our problems together. I like looking at other people perspectives and reflecting on how I can do things better.

How I see myself applying this in the future

I plan on taking CS as my major and interactive designing is widely used extensively, especially when designing websites or games. Learning it in this course will help me understand the CS version more comfortably and it will make me comfortable with the topic. Not only in CS, it is going to help me further in this course. This exercise helped me learn the basics, which will help me when we do studios focusing solely on one topic.

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