The flip side of the lockdown cannot be ignored, It is no surprise that It has made every single human experience mixed emotions. Be it an adult or a child everyone has experienced changes in their lifestyle and that to deep ones. No wonder, the underprivileged part of the population got hit by this economic depression very harshly. Families went starving, they had no idea how to arrange for daily requirements as they had no incoming salary, the health of the kids was in danger because there was a depletion of food. The situation worsened with each passing day.

However, with the help of the superb idea initiated by the shakti family, which was to distribute dry ration packets the situation got better with time. …

When the nation was under lockdown for
21days, the girls of Sarvam Shakti unlocked the
doors of learning and imagination.With a
positive mindset, the talent and confidence of
the girls were unstoppable. They utilised the
lockdown time to the fullest and nurtured their
inner abilities to outshine in every field.

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The girls celebrated Earth Day by expressing
their gratitude towards Mother Earth. They
participated in an online Art Festival
organised on 21st April 2020 for the same.
Furthermore, they initiated online
Bharatanatyam workshops for government
schools. It was proud money for Shakti when
a girl named Lakshmi taught the folk dance to
her schoolmates.




Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. What if we stop connecting to people and stay introvertS? No, this is not how things work. The connection is the energy created between people when feel, seen, heard and valued.

Shakti Girls, who are a part of ‘Global Girls Project’ get an opportunity to connect globally with each other. Children of the same age group from different countries connect virtually and share ideas and create a bond with
each other.

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The beauty of emotions lies within every aspect of life and activities that we perform. Abhinaya is communicating emotions through Indian performing arts. The aspect requires comprehension of literature, music, and rhythm.

The concept of Abhinaya, derived from Bharata Muni’s Natya Shastra, is used as an integral part of all Indian classical dance styles. Abhinaya denotes the movements of angas like head, hands, waist and face. Pratyangas like shoulder, shoulder arm’s, thighs, knees and elbows and upangas like eyes, eyelid, cheeks, nose, lips and teeth.

The girls at Sarvam Shakti learned how to convey their hidden emotions through graceful movements and hand gestures with the founder of Sarvam Shakti Ms Nehha Bhatnagar. Conveying your emotion helps you feel mentally healthy and relaxed. …

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of
happiness. Its freedom, being able to bend things most people see as a
straight line. It’s a way of survival. That’s what made Shakti girls happy
during this pandemic. They explored art as a medium for coping with
the stress of being at home. Expressed their thoughts in the most
creative way by which an artist can express and that is adding colour to
canvas and their life.

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I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Happy people are
There are many motivational real stories which are true,
example of the power of self- worth. It is the story of Jyoti who
despite many hardships and challenges has set an example
for many other fellow students who leave hope and are left
with excuses for not achieving what they dream of.

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Her journey with
Sarvam Shakti started with an audition of Kuchipudi. A simple
looking girl with a humble background turned out to be a little
star with her strong determination and passion towards
achieving new heights in dance. Her dreams only required a
platform which she got from Sarvam Shakti. During this journey she learned many new techniques, yoga- asana, and self-defence, also maintained a proper diet and had a fun time.
The unexpected moments are always sweeter. When Jyoti
heard that they were going to have a trip to Poland, her
happiness couldn’t reach limits. They learned a new piece of
dance, new styles and were very excited. …

Child development is dependent upon the family and the social
environment. There is Shakti in everyone. Some realize it and try to full fill it
through their dreams. Some choose civil services, artists and dancer to
show their talent and make it through another level. Some are born with
god gifted talent so that they can do something more extraordinary in their
life and for the betterment of the country. People don’t understand inner
talent, until and unless it is been sharpened by organizations/institutions/NGO, etc. Millions of children’s are not able to
fulfil their dream due to lack of resources and financial backing. But,
institutions like Sarvam Shakti on the other side are helping families and
children’s like Khushi to achieve their desired goals. Khushi a 14-year-old
the girl is blessed to have kathak as a precious gift in her life and want to take
that on a huge platform wherein she can teach dance to all those girls who
have an urge to learn something but can’t, she want to become their shoulder,
and a supporter to them so that they too can blossom in their life.
many social institutions do come forward to show the right path, as Khushi got an
opportunity to visit foreign countries and show her talent. Her parents are
pillars of her strength. They guide her and give her the courage to battle
obstacles in her life. It is well said that “A true talent is not wasted when
many supportive organizations support a child, show them a path, doom
their confidence and other skills, provide them all accumulative support”. …


The society is such a place where people don’t give much thought to how our girls should develop or how we can promote girl child. Well, unleashing a gully girl is just that. A girl with a normal life who never thought of doing wonders now has goals to accomplish. Akansha, a 14-year-old girl from Sarvam Foundation aspires to be a Kathak dancer and do something beneficial for the people who don’t have the required facilities. These girls have travelled the world because of their dedication to dance. According to her, the support of her family is essential to move forward in life. For one to move forward in his/her life experience is the utmost important thing, she said that” I was scared and hesitant to travel in an aeroplane however when sat inside it, it felt like I was riding a swing”. According to her father, unleashing a girl to the outside world is the most beautiful thing, he feels Akansha has evolved as a person. She knows how to talk to people in a peaceful tone, how to treat others and has developed much more expertise. He feels it is important to give the gully girls a chance because it helps them to become a new version of themselves, they learn how to socialize, they learn life skills such as time management. As Akansha’s father said, “ she has to manage exams, school, tuition and dance which makes her punctual”. Her biggest achievement is going on stage and feeling proud of herself and her country. Thus, a hidden talent can come out to the world and make our country proud. Gully girls can add value to their lives and achieve anything they wish for with a little bit of support. Akansha believes that one day she’ll make a change and so do we! …


The be shakti friendship project was a collaboration initiated by The heritage school-Vasant Kunj and the Sarvam shakti organisation.

The project was all about finding a factor of commonality between people from different social classes. It aimed towards bringing a generation together through dance, education and everything under the sun that they could talk about.

The project was introduced to girls on both sides, it was no surprise that the first thought that struck their mind was how to communicate with each other, how to behave with each other, what to talk about, and how to be comfortable?? Eventually, they started video calling each other, they met each other’s family which made the girls feel a little more soothed. They had daily conversations on WhatsApp. …


Towards the end of the Be Shakti Dance Project, girls from The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj and the girls from Sarvam Shakti answered a survey consisting of a few questions that made them reflect on this project, on their partners and also themselves.

After going through their responses many interesting things can be taken away.

Before they met their partners, the girls on both sides were expecting the other to be shy and that they would not be completely open with them; they themselves were a bit nervous. …


Sarvam Shakti

The Power of Self-Worth. A huge shift in the education and upliftment of the marginalized girl child. Now — #iunleashshakti on

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