I can’t stop myself


I can’t stop myself 
Won’t let myself 
It’s time to start prepping for writing a story
Ever since my first article published in school magazine I’d full reach of my decision but hit by fear and ideology

A few months ago the flash happened one night, no sooner I sat down and got to work. 
I’d build mountains of faith and realized that I don’t have to dig very far to meet the self-styled intellectuals.
What scares all of us is can we truly connect with people
Will my stories inspire others

Let me the last of my kind
Let’s not bear the risk of getting lost
See, I say.
This is what happens
One day every one of us has to paint a positive vision for the future and advance

Why not today? 
Spend $150 as I need to grasp the lens of technology. It was a real-deal because got a fresh hope as I was surrounded by tools that help me improve and showcase my creativity

For days together I wore the color of chaos

Tell me this one thing, did you ever get confused trying to reach your goal
don’t ever get!
I remember writing many stories, but I’d never posted it because I was calculating the probability of losing

Now I get it let’s not play the game of “what if”, better to come up than to pull out

Quickly, I ran my fingers over the table and took my pen moved aside from noisy world for a quieter place so I could write better
I remained silence for sometime but quite conscious of sounds around me.

With all conflicting thoughts in my mind I began writing what all people like me need, I smiled over my prickly feeling, but as mentioned earlier self-doubt is no longer my companion. Dared to experiment my thoughts

Little bit tensed, to begin with, but have a quest to find my dream line in the greatest

It’s you or me every one of us owns a philosophy, but few of us anticipates the field and traverse it as per the requirement. Many of us are still in the dark, unknown to the sphere where we can explore ourselves.

This story is for those newbie’s who have skills but settle unobserved, an effort to motivate them to show that you too can crawl the web through your creativity.

It’s about WHAT ALL WE NEED …

Now, I have a strong feeling to bring out my outcome-based model into the field of writing, hope you got me right.

Yes, I want to share my experiences and exposure to the audience spread across the world, many aspiring writers like me who got ability but not recognized as we don’t share with the privileged readers like you.

WHAT ALL WE NEED is support

To materialize our dreams and move towards the path of success.

Let’s not accept darkness, search for light
Let’s not assume defeat, focus for success
Let’s not give up, prepare for hard work

The postponement is the barrier between dream and aim.

WHAT ALL WE NEED is a hand to uplift

Relentless efforts and hard work lead to refinement.
What about the result?
That doesn’t matter initially.
Nothing is more significant than moving with fate.

Every successful story has a failure behind it.
Lack of success should not lead to permanent give up.
Your will power will help you to have re-entry and get good times.
Victory may not touch your feet in the first try
Let’s create the mentality that we’ll not limit the number of attempts

Despite the fact that we failed if we strive hard and keep our spirits high success may hug us at any moment.

Opportunities may come occasionally let’s not forego 
Don’t you think Life is a Race, 
why to step back let’s Chase it! Face it! Venture it! Overcome it! And Relish.

WHAT ALL WE NEED is a word of appreciation

Before the days roll on, let’s move forward with full of courage and try to build a place in the hearts of people around us

One who chooses to absorb the failures in memories and think more consciously by defining fresh thoughts with new vision will succeed one day

WHAT ALL WE NEED is inspiration

Let’s try to take the lead and revolutionize the field chosen.

We learn so much from our mistakes, do not look back or afraid of repeating the past.

Re-direct yourself to do something better, start loving your work to bloom even in adversity

WHAT ALL WE NEED is self-confidence

Get Started with your work
No one starts off being excellent
No matter how tough challenges head on, have belief in yourself, boost your confidence and become more assertive

No one is an exception to frustration, do not let it enter into your life.
It is a powerful emotion that takes away so much from you, sucks your energy and finally no matter how hard you work, you try, you feel like nothing is working for you. To get our things done, be sure that frustration doesn’t cost us more.

Stick to the career goals, gain work experience and prosper.

WHAT ALL WE NEED is acceptance

Eventually, I feel in love with writing very much than before and in the coming years, likely to get higher

I choose this story to motivate if not millions few tens and hundreds of people who have been hesitating to head forward

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