A Surprising Life Lesson To Be Learnt From Cold Showers

There are many benefits to be gained from taking cold showers in the morning, ranging from burning fat to increasing alertness, but just about anyone who has tried to make the switch from hot to cold showers might not agree the change is worth it.

A Generic Experience With A Cold Shower

Picture this, you get out of your warm, comfortable bed, sleepy and annoyed it’s a Monday morning. Now although you used to have hot showers every morning, you read that cold showers have many benefits over hot ones. And so you begin.

To me, nothing beats the sheer terror that is the cold water biting into your skin early morning. The first instinct would be to jump out and turn the hot water on, but lets say you continue under the cold water for a bit longer, and a surprising thing happens.

The pain and agony that was the many little needles of cold water biting into your skin slowly fade away, only to be replaced with a certain sense of alertness and (in my case at least) accomplishment. As long as I plow through the first few seconds of extreme discomfort, having a cold shower actually becomes fun.

Here’s what I realised-

A cold shower can be equated to learning just about anything new in life.

Think about it. Every new thing you learn always seems extremely tiring or boring at first.

Want to learn how to code? Sit through hours of coding tutorials first
Want to learn an instrument? Sit through hours of practice first
Want to start writing? Go through hours of crappy writing first (no reference to this post whatsoever)

No matter what new thing you do, you will have to go through that uncomfortable phase in the beginning, and that’s okay. Because once you get past that bump, that first, bitingly cold part of the shower, whatever you are trying to learn will become enjoyable. It is a common misconception many people encounter when they learn things, is that if they do not find it fun within the first few tries, they aren’t good at it, or it is not good for them. That’s completely incorrect.

That first bit of discomfort can come in many forms. Physical discomfort, people making fun of you, difficulty in what you are trying to achieve, the list goes on. What’s important is that you do not let these deter you. That you push beyond these phases and eventually go from disliking, to loving what you do.

Get past that bump of discomfort, get past that first minute in the cold water.

I never thought that there would be so much knowledge to be inferred from a shower.