Setting Up the Development Environment(Installing Linux Mint 18.1)

Task 2.1) Setup Dev Environment

Hello everyone! Having created the prototype for our App( Link :- Here),as per our Internship Schedule the next step is to setup the development environment. So, me and my partner(Ms Sayali Jawre) decided to work on Linux environment(as it was suggested by Hasura :D).We both being new to Linux (as many others),we started to search the net for the advantages of Linux over Windows. Being a Windows user myself(most of us being the same), I have experienced a lot of these..

This has happened to me a hell lot of times(you must be saying this too :D).The next one would have been seen by us thousand of times.

Just makes me cry seeing this screen on my laptop.

Now enough of Windows disadvantages.Lets switch to Linux now :D.

The most important advantage of Linux being there is no need of an Antivirus.There are a very limited amount of Viruses for Linux.

Surely everyone will be pleased to be the person in that image :D. The other advantages of Linux are flexibility, cost,compatibility and many more. Linux is completely an open source project; the most obvious advantage of using Linux is the fact that it is free to obtain, while Microsoft products are available for a hefty and sometimes recurring fee; with Linux, you have the power to control just about every aspect of the operating system; the Linux terminal is superior to use over Window’s command line for developers and the most important “Linux supports almost all of the major programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.)(which motivates us to choose Linux and not the Windows :P)”

The common misconception about Linux is that it is only command based and it is not based on GUI.Hence, the Linux distribution we selected for installation was Linux Mint 18.1 which has a similar GUI like Windows(just the GUI :D) making it easier for Windows users to make a transition to Linux very easily .

For our project we used the Linux mint 18.1 cinnamon (I’ll suggest you to use the same :P). The steps that we followed are mentioned below , you can refer it as a tutorial for downloading the same! Let’s start with the installation process assuming you have Windows installed on your system.


  1. Download the Linux mint 18.1 from Linux Mint download .
  2. Create a bootable USB drive using Rufus or UNetbootin .
  3. Preparing the partitions before installing is the quickest method for installing any GNU/Linux. So you need to create or provide one partition for the main system and one partition for the swap.{WARNING: DISK PARTITIONING IS DANGEROUS! Make sure you understand and read your screen carefully in every single step while doing Linux Mint installation. Don’t be sleepy, don’t make any mistake, always be careful while you doing anything with disk partitioning and system installation. Don’t continue the installation if you are not sure or you can ask someone nearby capable to help you directly. You do it on your own risk.}
  4. Now boot your computer into your USB drive so you see the live session. It appears as a normal desktop OS you can try. What you need to do is running the Install Linux Mint program on desktop.

5. Select the Language

6. Selecting Third-Party Programs Installation

7. Select Partitioning Option: Select “Something else” so you enter the manual partitioner. Always believe yourself in partitioning, don’t believe automatic choices.

8. Creating System Partition:Click on the partition you have created which will be displayed as ‘Free space’.Double clicking on it will open a window wherein you should select ‘Primary’ and then enter the partition size.(Keep it 50 GB or more than it to store more applications).Select the partition to be the ‘root’ i.e ‘/’.

9. Creating Swap Partition: After the above step again select the ‘Free space’ by double clicking on it and selecting ‘Logical’ partition for the Swap area.

10. Selecting Bootloader,Time region and Country. After this select the Keyboard Layout.On the next screen enter Username and Password.This password will provide you with the admin rights so do remember it:D.

Head up to the link for a detailed description about the installation of Linux Mint along with Windows.(Here :- Link)

Any more doubts about installation will be clear by watching the video given below.

Stay tuned for the next blog about learning Git.Till then Ciao ;-)!!!