Campus Life at Sarvottam Institute

Campus life means to the college life. Lot of excitement can be seen among the new students called freshers. The students entered to their new phase of life from school to collage. The new beginning of things happen like new friends, new books, new exam patterns and so on. But also something weird is to be faced sometimes like moving into strange environment where everyone is unknown. Everything is to be judged like the nature or behavior of the friends, teachers and your roommates. Every thing is new here, campus life does not only stand for freedom but it also makes the student more responsible and susceptible.

You have to be prepared to deal with the problems that could arrive inside the campus. Campus life can be a blast but there are few common issues that most freshers have to address like your roommates, scheduling time, common dorm woes and many more. Lets discuss about the few issues.

Roommates : This is the one thing students are the most anxious about, it’s meeting their new roommate. The best way to start is to contact your roommate before you land on the campus by an email or via some social media site. Not everyone is going to get along with their roommate. We have heard about some horror stories too, you don’t need to be your roommates best friend forever you just need to coordinate and respect to each other. Try to address them quickly, search of common grounds to bond over.

Scheduling Time : In college life there are certainly many works like studies, classes, clubs and social scenes that have to file into the schedule. The hardest part is to balance between the proper sleep and studies. Make sure you have enough time to study, compile all the syllabus of your exam according to the subjects and their priorities. Once your study is plated then it will be easy to find time for other things too.

Common Dorm Woes : This is the biggest issue over the campus life that there is a lack of privacy here. You might have to live with the opposite sex on the same floor. If someone truly makes you uncomfortable try to roll out the situation or kindly mention it to RA. Your parents can’t be here with you any more, so you need to be antimony. Never think of or try to take advantages of lack of restrictions, just try to take good decisions always.