The Benefits of being a student

Benefits of being a student, perks of having a full time job

Soon lots of students will end their educational years and will be searching for permanent jobs all around. Ending your education is for some people ”the end of an era”, as partly freedom and spare time will be on a minimum when entering permanent jobs. I’ve written down some of the benefits I saw, when I was studying — and what I like by having a permanent job.

Spare time

I’ve been in a permanent job for quite some time now, and I have therefore had some time to reflect. Back in my days as a student at the university, there were lots of lectures to attend — but I did also have lot of time back in the apartment. I could easily use my energy where — and when I wanted. Because I only had to live up to my own expectations. Sometimes, I miss the chance to stay in bed in the morning — past 8 — just because!

But on the other hand, I like having responsibility and I love my job. So, wanting to stay in bed? It could definitely wait for the weekend.


I had a great relationship with lots of the people I was studying with. We spend a lot of time together and often went out for drinks and beers. Also with no kind of occasion — just to catch up and have some fun, all spontaneously on a Thursday night.

Well, it is not a thing that I cannot do on any circumstance today with my job, but I miss the ability to go out whenever — not having responsibility for anything, the coming day. Now these kind of parties and events are saved for the weekend — and as I age from year to year, the events are less and less. Now I like to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine when coming home from work. One of my favourite treats, after a long and stressful day at work!

Student discounts

Being a student is quite expensive. I live in an expensive city when it comes to housing –and rental expenses. I had to work part time jobs, to get economic room for more than rental expenses in my monthly budget. Luckily in Denmark there are lots of offers for students. I am member of a union, which is my kind of “security net”, if I, under unfortunate situation, should lose my job. The union secures you with a kind of “saving” for unemployment. It is not much, but you will be able to live and pay your expenses, while being unemployed. When studying, being member of a union is for free. An offer you really cannot say no to! You can read more about the offer here.

Besides free union memberships, there are lots of discounts to find in Denmark. At several restaurants and shops you can have discounts up to 15%. It is definitely not much, but when being a student, every penny in the pocket counts!

The long summer holiday

After a hard period of examinations, the summer would finally come. I miss the feeling of ending exams knowing, that I have a summer ahead of me filled with lots of plans — and relaxation to the absolute max. Summer used to be the months where I both used, and spared up energy for the stressed times when starting new semester in the fall. The summer holiday is the only real holiday you will have when entering the university. All other occasions will probably be used for studying and lots of exams.
Now I have some weeks of holiday, which I can distribute over the whole year. I can easily plan a week of holiday here and there, just when I want some time off not dependent of exams, homework and missed lectures. I really like this kind of freedom, and I would not trade it at all!