HRC truthers its time. The end is near. If you hesitate to make the switch you voted for trump…and thats fine if you vote for trump,

but you gotta own it. Voting for her is like putting all your money on the weak horse with a bum leg bc tv (that was owned by the casino) told you it was a ‘sure thing.’ Do your own research and come to your own conclusions, but do the fucking research. I hear people everyday talk about her foreign policy as a strength, or completely misunderstand the severity of the emails or benghazi, or how against all common sense people would give her money to fight them (wall street, pharma, banks, fossil fuels). They also don’t seem to understand that morally she at BEST ties trump, and at worst loses that battle. If you start looking at things objectively using hard data and not subjectively as a “democrat” or “republican” you can plainly see the train wreck thats coming. Think about it, she’s had to cheat to be BARELY beating sanders, who had ZERO name recognition, and most people cast early ballots before they even knew him…..and its slipping away by the day. She won’t get a handicap like that next round. She’s trending down and he’s trending up. If we wait it will be too late, and SCARILY, once she has her moral firewall ripped to shreds live on tv (and it will be just look at the evidence), there is ABSOLUTELY a logical argument as to why people will vote trump over her. YA…..SCARY…i said LOGICAL. Couple that with the fact she has extremely low turnout to her rally’s.. sanders is in the tens of thousands, trump in thousands, and she gets a couple hundred at best. I can tell you 100 percent no one wants to be put in that position, its not a good place to be at. With stuff like this you either make it happen or you let it happen. Like blacksheep used to say “the choice is yours.”