Being a Photographer at college

Photographer in action

Being a photographer, possibly a good one, is one’s shot at being well-known among your peers.

A Photographer stands-out in a crowd .

Photographer gets access to all the events, entries, opportunities to meet with celebrities back stage after fests and concerts.

Every social gathering, you have people calling out your name, in expectation of a photograph.

And if one can selflessly enjoy clicking pictures and capturing moments of others, then he is having the time of his life.

But after completing 4 semesters of college, We don’t refer semesters as 5th and so on but rather we say 4 more semesters to go.

This countdown can hit real hard for several reasons. But for a photographer, it hits in a unique way.

He realizes that he doesn’t have memories of himself.

Going through the thousands of pictures comprising hundreds of people encompassing dozens of events in half of your college life, it’s the feeling of missing out in all events that kills the spirit and triggers a desire to re-visit all these moments and get one picture of self.

Alas! I already lost those moments. But hey! Lemme get many pictures clicked in remaining events and compensate.

Still waiting for it to happen because even now I cover the events, love capturing the smiles of people & get back only to realize I am still not present in pictures.

Tag of being a photographer comes at a price indeed!

But I would still continue capturing, because that’s where I find my happiness in .
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