This is about “Her”

I was never the uber romantic kneeling and proposing type, not even the charming supriser with gifts on birthdays or the extremely possessive “I know what is good for us” type. I was always just me.

After a few knocks on my head and some serious ‘expectation meetingdiscussions, I learnt to hold her hand(supposedly a romantic gesture) while strolling across a serene location, usually when we traveled.

I was PDA averse and she always indulged playfully, just for the pleasure of seeing me become uncomfortable in public. I saw love in her eyes while she laughed and secretly enjoyed it.

I asked her many a time but she never answered. This time she said “I love you because you’re mad. Mad enough to dream, say and do things that I cannot. You are special to me”. I wanted to ponder further, but stopped abruptly. She kissed my cheek hard and left the room.

I then sat by the window, watching the city four floors beneath me, sipping wine and thought “I am mad? True that!”. My heart was full.

Days passed and so did we along with them pouring ourselves into each others life. We swam through challenges for quite a while and often spoke about our life together in the future. I guess all couples do as it is comforting to dream and that’s what gives birth to hope and happiness.

Fast forward 2 years and all of the above is history. Life toppled our plans and now we don’t speak to each other anymore.

I’m still looking for her in every woman I see and sipping wine in melancholy. My heart is now empty.

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