Curious Stranger Adventures

What would happen if 20 strangers join an experiment: explore the potential of stranger teams and explore a purpose-driven idea together?

I believe that life-changing decisions shouldn’t be made alone and thorough decisions are made with friends-support.

“Curious Stranger Adventures” is a social innovation experiment for purpose-driven gamechangers, disconnected explorers and curious young professionals in a period of personal change and uncertainty. The object is to match and kick-start teams of strangers to spark new ideas in an open and trusted environment together.

We will show the world how groups of strangers can turn into powerful teams of action and change.

Phase I: Teammatching

We invite you to partake in facilitated workshops. You will learn about the values, ambitions and personalities of all participants and have the chance to connect one-on-one. At the end, we support you to create project teams, based on your interests and ambitions. We consider various environments, such as outdoor camps or urban co-working spaces.

Phase II: Teambuilding

If you’re keen to proceed to the next stage of the experiment, we design a teambuilding workshop uniquely for you and your team. Together we will define your team identity and project purpose. You will experience deep connections with your team mates and meaningful self-revelations.

Phase III: Ideation

Based on the outcomes of the teambuilding workshop, we will then apply open innovation methods to develop your idea further. We support you by facilitating innovation workshop, providing you an infrastructure and work environment and find mentors from our partners’ network.

Participate: Do you identify with our idea?

Find out if you identify with the project. Learn more about how we define the vague term stranger (article coming soon!) and get excited for an opportunity that might change the way you live, work and connect. Tell us if you are interested and we get in touch in person to explore your benefits and inform you about current workshops.

Partner up: Let’s explore synergies of a partnership!

We want to collaborate right from beginning: define the experiment scope, needs, benefits and opportunities. We are looking for co-founders, infrastructure, co-working space, funding, pro bono mentoring and intellectual support like books, networks and know-how.

Contact us and have a look at the Tiny House Crowdfunding website.