Hello my name is Sascha and I just became a storyteller

I just published my first articles on Medium. And I want to give you the opportunity to get to know me, to better understand my stories and their background.

I joined the Medium community in 2015 and from thereon spent a lot of my free time reading and enjoying wonderful articles which had a great influence on my life.

When I write a story I follow these principals:

Be honest and authentic

I see Medium as a way to self-reflect and share my most important learnings with this community. To do so, I feel obliged to be 100% myself and not alter stories for the sake impression. I share very private stories and I hope you respect this equally.

Get feedback

I want to get a better writer with each article I write, so you can enjoy reading more. I would love to hear back from you by leaving comments or get in touch via mail. I am open for every kind of feedback, no matter how critical it is, as long as it is subjective and friendly.

Connect to the community

Medium for me is a platform to connect mind-like and contrary people. And I am happy to connect with you! Feel free to contact me any time, if you have an idea or a project you want to share or if you want to extend your network. It is my conviction, that there are at least 1.000.002+ opportunities to get involved, kick-off ideas and have an impact by building up a new relationship.

  • Mail me at sascha.bardua@hotmail.de.
  • Add me on Facebook.
  • Connect on XING or LinkedIn.
  • Ask for Skype.

Life-long learning

I confess to life-long learning. I would love to learn from you and share my knowledge by creating new stories or connecting to you directly. Let me give you a subjective view on my skills to get to know me better.

I consider myself good at

  • Self-reflection and talking
  • Leading and inspiring people
  • Public speaking
  • Developing on the web

I want to learn more about and get involved in

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation projects and the Internet of Things
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Personal Improvement and Learning

The Verb Network

Not really a principal but a very important aspect of my engagement on Medium is my social enterprise The Verb Network. I consider life as a huge and beautiful mosaic with the challenge to build yours during your lifetime. The Verb Network is one piece of my mosaic. It’s my attempt to have an impact on individuals and society by connecting others to realize projects and solve problems together. I also want to contribute to existing projects and business models as a partner or supporter.

If you have an idea or existing project that can improve your life, a friend’s life or even bigger, our society, then get in touch! I am excited to work out an individual partnership with you.

I will tell you more about my social enterprise on Medium and am happy to make it one topic in a personal conversation.

Okay, that’s my first impression on Medium. I hope I can contribute to this powerful and inspiring platform.