Identifying with curious strangers

What would happen if 20 strangers join an experiment: explore the potential of stranger teams and explore a purpose-driven idea together?

Purpose-driven gamechangers, disconnected explorers and curious young professionals are at the heart of this social experiment. We are an open space for students, travellers and young professionals who face uncertainty and disconnection, who need a team to work on something big and who want to engage and inspire mutually.

If you identify with one more personas, we would love to hear from you to participate!

A) The Purpose-Driven Gamechanger

The world needs people who dare greatly. If you’re feeling restless for new adventures, looking for direction and want to contribute your brightest ideas, then we offer you the opportunity to find your team and an environment to turn your ideas into action.

B) The Disconnected Explorer

There is not “the one way” to live your life. If you feel disconnected to your current environment or yourself, then we offer you an adventure to explore other ways to live and an environment to learn, self-develop and re-connect.

C) The Curious Professional

Most of the world’s opportunities are hidden in plain sight. If you are at the crossroads of what you should do (expectations) and what you feel you must do (purpose), then we offer you a retreat to experiment with ideas and topics.