Launching a new life chapter

2016 was a rush of adrenaline. Looking back at it I can’t believe how much happened, how many new experiences I made and how my personality changed and got shaped.

2017 is my year to kick off projects and ideas which chased through my mind for the last six months. I am proud to introduce my website — my platform to showcase ideas, projects and create new opportunities with people all over the world.

Introducing Mosaic

Imagine life as a mosaic and every tile is something you have dared, achieved or failed. Be proud of every experience and build your unique mosaic of life.

Mosaic resembles my way of living and is more than a metaphor to live life adventureous and purpose-driven. It is an instrument to create a culture where people make positive change in their own and other people’s lives. Currently under construction, it will provide a legal entity to provide a framework and infrastructure to co-create, accelerate and manage social enterprise ventures and projects. It’s also a playground to experiment with new organizational and management approaches like Holocracy and develop sustainable business models.

Explore and connect

Identity and Philosphies: Learn about what motivates and drives my thinking and doing, including my vision, Big 5 For Life and values.

Projects, Ideas, Skills and Interests: Learn about my (in-progress) projects “The Tiny House Crowdfunding Project” and “Mini-Adventures for Students” and get involved as a partner, sponsor or client. Explore ideas which currently challenge my mind and discover skills I provide and interests we may share. As a digital nomad and Master student I am looking for job opportunities, co-founding as well as personal and business connections.

Ready, Steady, Launch!

After almost half a year of travelling, and two years of student volunteering I now feel excited to turn my world of thoughts into reality. Sometimes I could explode by the motivation and thirst for action. Become part of my new life chapter and co-create, co-live and co-work with me, growing a community of positive thinker and game-changers. Times couldn’t be better!