Personal guiding Values

In this post I share my personal values which guide me when I make important decisions and build personal relationships.

Values that make my inner thinking

Inner values define the way you think and prepare you for the thing you’ll do.

Following this approach I take all things with humor and having faith in things to work out. I also value integrity as a constant in my behaviour and always ask about the purpose and perspective.


I believe that humor is the most authentic way to connect to people. Seeing things positively helps me connect and respond constructively.


Integrity for me means sticking to my principles and be true with myself. This helps me making the right choices and follow through.


I believe that things always work out. A good travel companion once told me about her approach to accept, embrace and celebrate all experiences. I kept this way ever since and never failed to work things out.


Thinking about ideas and my experiences I constantly look for purpose, to put things in a greater context and evaluate the impact of a decision.

Values that turn my thinking into action

What you do makes how people percieve you.

I determined a type of process, which leads my actions. I have to understand what’s going on to then analyse a scenario. After solving an issue I take time to reflect on my actions and adjust accordingly.


The first step to take action is to understand that there is something to do. Defining things helps collaborating with others.


Secondly, analysing a situation or object identifies opportunities and constraints for developing a solution. I do research, visualizations and have conversations.


The third step is to (co-)develop a solution for the situation. I love working in teams and be the lead who organizes and empowers people.


After finishing what we achieved it is vital to reflect on how we did as a team and individual. This creates opportunities to improve.