An Open Letter to My Indian Friends
Josh Steimle

Interesting thoughts.

The reason for this “E-Mail Spam” is, that it seems to be pretty much effective.

I met a “Sales Consultant” for an Indian IT company once. He told me that one of his major strategies is sending out a lot of Emails.

He said: Not everyone replies, but some do. That’s when the sales part starts.

I also met an Entrepreneur about two weeks back. Very genuine guy. His strategy was to send around 3 to 4 Emails (cold Emails) a week to potential customers. He is getting enough business to sustain his small company (biomedical field) of around 10 people.

Myself: I am of Indian origin, but was born and brought up in Germany. In Germany there is a strict rule, which does not allow cold Emailing. If you do it, there will be huge fines. So that is a completely different perspective. Sending a cold Email to a country, where it is actually prohibited, will never make a good impression.

But still: Sending lots and lots of Emails can be an effective way of marketing. Even I caught myself of thinking about replying to one such Email, when I had a small requirement for a WordPress website.

But then: I also consider the points which you had mentioned. Usually it is “John Smith”, with a Gmail account, having a standard text (similar what you have posted here). I fear they will handle projects, like they handle their Emails, just some spamy type of work, with no regards to the client.


Coming to the race thing.

The only reason why you are not sending these kinds of spam mails is, because you will not be able to find a client which pays 10'000 or 50'000 US Dollar per month. This can only be achieved by a very personal approach (trade-show appearance, giving workshops, roadshows, giving speeches, etc.) or a lead generation approach (calling hundreds of high profile prospects and asking them for appointments to give presentations at their office).

But the Indian guy/ gal sitting in India might only need to pay their 200 US Dollar salary to each of their 10 employees. Getting just one or two additional small time clients will be more than enough.

One thing I have learnt is: There is no such thing as a race thing. People tend to do what is necessary. Would there be a huge industry in India (based on intimidating other countries with the A-bomb, occupying the largest economies on the planet (Germany, Japan), attacking or stifling others, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, brain draining other countries, etc.) then the Indian entrepreneur would look for these multinationals locally on the subcontinent, and there would be less need to send spam Emails.


Now for the spam part:

I also do run a Software Company:

If you need good software developers on a long term basis, kindly approach us. We prefer working on Indian timings, but we can have one project manager who will work according to US timings.



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