They said

it is like vacation

To be honest most of them said that it can be hard and you have to be ready to “lose yourself to find yourself” or to lose friends, cozy Moscow parties-moments-places etc.

To begin with, personally, I cannot stand it when people make incorrect assumptions about other countries. Whenever I tell people I live in Israel/Spain or I’m moving abroad I generally get “Oh that’s so nice! You’re so lucky; you’re going to have the time of your life, and maybe you’ll fall in love” response.

What makes people think that going abroad is equal to a young woman searching for love, and what makes them think it’s socially acceptable to say that to someones face? I am only 24. All I want is to see the world,sleep under the stars, drink VINO (HOLA!) with cool people and have adventures and write about it later.

All you need is just to leave your hometown to realize how big the world is and how many different ways of life are out there. Welcome change with open arms and live in whatever country, city,district that suits your rhythm and desires.


Moving abroad is hard; it’s challenging, and you don’t always find what you are looking for.

My favorite thing! Get rid of all your crap

I’m serious — burn it, sell it, or throw it in storage, but whatever you do, try to keep the stuff you bring with you to a minimum. It took me 2 years, and several international moves abroad to realize that less really is more. Whether you are moving abroad for one months or five years, the less shit you bring with you, the better.

Sometimes bad things happen when you live aboad.

Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

That happened with me time ago. You have to remember that you can lose friends, something that was so important for you. After all the only thing that importat to remember — that path was hard but it’s worth it.

Travel does change you, for better or worse. Moving abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and it has helped shaped and continues to shape who I am today.

And finally, there are no lifehacks how to move easier without any problems or regrets. You will have doubts, do mistakes and pass throw dark times. But you still could do it in your City. Mistakes are our life.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 
Albert Einstein

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” 
Mahatma Gandhi



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