I started a series of portrait drawings using photo’s I’ve taken of passers by

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They remind me of someone or something familiar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h03I0cO3kw

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http://oola-sf.com/instagram running Mezzanine instagram

Mezzanine Instagram is “Better than your grandma’s polaroids” and more…

It is a little known fact that in the last six months or so I’ve put up a couple simple web apps on GitHub as open source.

I’ve contributed before, but usually just documentation and related non-code to very large projects, like Plone and Django. I’d chalk up my reticence to just not having had control of the software I was writing or to not wanting to ask for the permission to publish.

This time around is a little different, since I’m a partner at a pretty great creative agency, Butchershop. Not only do I have the call on making…

А. И. (Sasha) Владимирский

CTO at Sonato, Former partner at Butchershop Creative, programmer, artist, photographer

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