Sasha’s Culinary Saga!

Exploring new eateries, saying R.I.P. to the money spent on food everytime and forgetting the mantra of staying fit…All you need to become a Food Blogger.

Being born in a totally foodie punjabi family of Meerut, proudly known as “The Sports City”, feels like i was destined to become a food blogger rather than a Sports person. Staying in Noida since four years and still craving for that one scoop of A-one ice cream topped with extra pineapple every night and comparing every restaurant’s chilly chicken with Rajmahal’s….is enough for me to realize how my heart still cant get over my own city’s culinary delights.

As i expanded my gastronomical voyage from Meerut to other cities nearby, i can definitely quote Meerut as a “Hub of foodies”

With the plethora of options available here for foodies like me, here is a list of few things i would recommend you all to try atleast once in my city...

  1. Meerut ki Chatpati Chaat

As the city prides itself at its richness in the street food culture, this is one thing Meerut is surely famous for. The unsual name of the Padmashree Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant “ The yellow chilli” got its name too inspired from meerut’s chaat when he came across a spice called yellow chilli that make the chaats here so unique. Crispy chatpati chaat is one of the many delectable dishes for which meerutwalla’s are ready to forget their diet and enjoy those tangy-spicy -flavours guilt free..and for such chatore people,we have a “ Chaat Bazaar” too.

My favourite Chaat Stalls: Derawal Chaat Corner at Bombay Bazaar,Meerut Chaat Bhandar at Sadar and Amit Chaat Bhandar at Western Kutchery Road.

Aloo Tikki Chaat from Amit Chaat Bhandaar, Nirbhaya Arcade, Western Kutchey Road.

2. Luv-Shuv tey Chicken-Mutton!!

Featured on NDTV goodtimes’ “Highway on my plate”, Meerut’s non veg delicacies are to die for. Those mutton kebabs served with green chutney at a small shop “R.K. Kababs” is no less than a paradise for non veg lovers.

Mutton Kebabs from R.K. Kebab Corner

But if i am given a blessing of eating something as much as i want and still staying slim, i’ll choose “Butter Chicken” from “G.K. Chicken Corner” with garma-garam Rumali Roti anyday.

Wo Rumali Corner ka Kalimirch Chicken aur Chawla ki Chicken Biryani” is mere ghar ki har weekend ki kahaani..

Besides these “old is gold” food joints, we do have some New non veg eateries satisfying meerutwalla’s hunger pangs for non veg snacks- Masala Tangdi from L.F.C. , Chicken Tikka from Spice Hut and Butter Chicken Roll from Rolls n More being my favourite these days.

3. The Patties Club!!

Serving more than 50 varieties of patties under single roof, Jyoti Arora Bakery located at an unnamed road in Sharma Nagar, won my heart when i went there for the first time with my cousins and got impressed by its varied menu ranging from Mushroom Butter patties, Pasta Patties, Chilly Chicken Patties and what not. Served with chutney, Onions, Chilli Sauce and Salted Chips, i somehow got addicted to its Butter Cream Patties and made this place my adda for many years.

Butter Cream, Pasta and Mushroom Butter Patties with Bunta at Jyoti Arora Bakers, Sharma Nagar.

4. Meerut Ki Shaan: A-one ice cream

One huge creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with shredded Pineapple and grinded Cashews… Sounds Mainstream? I know it does. But there is something about this exclusive dessert of Meerut that one cannot resist. Trust me, one cup of A-One ice cream is never enough. This absolute masterpiece is one thing i always make every visitor try here and something i am actually proud of.

A-one Ice Cream at Begum Pul.

5. # Most Trending MOMOS !!

I have heard a lot of meerutwallas complaining “ Meerut me wo dilli jaise gravy wale momos nahi milteBut No Fear when “ Mirchi Seth” is here…

Forget those mainstream gravy wale momos, Marinated Momos at a small Chinese shop “ Mirchi Seth” near Victoria Park is the new talk of town. Semi-fried Momos topped with Cocktail sauces is the new trend, attracting a lot of young foodsters and it tastes even better than those gravy momos.

Marinated Momos From Mirchi Seth, near Victoria park

6. Hariya ji ki Lassi

Who doesnt like meethi lassi in a kulhad? Invented by almost a 50 year old outlet in Lal Kurti, Meerut sells one of the best sweet lassi one can ever have at “Hariya”. Not just an ordinary lassi, it is served heavily topped with Malai, Mawa and Barfi. Locals of Meerut are completely captivated by its luscious, creamy texture and one kulhad is enough to make you enjoy a sound afternoon sleep.

Hariya ji ki Special Lassi

7. Ghantaghar ki Jalebi

Call it Jalebii or Jalebaaa…!! Its so huge in size, i bet you need a group of folks to finish this Jumbo Jalebi..Trust me this was the first time i ever witnessed a Jalebi of this size that too in the area i dont visit occasionally. Not only huge in size, it is usually served topped with Mawa and is another exclusive dessert of old meerut.

Mawa Jalebi at Ghanta Ghar.

8. Let the good times roll with Cheese Corn Rolls!

I discovered this Hidden Gem in my city few months back and since then, this is my Long drive wala Evening Snack . Served by a small food joint in RajbanBalaji Fast Foods” these Cheese corn rolls are heavily stuffed with cheese and are crispier than the spring rolls. The mayo salad served this snack is my favourite along with spicy red sauce and green chutney.

Cheese Corn Rolls from Balaji Foods, Rajban

9. Beat the Heat with the season’s best Mango Shake!

Located at probably the most chaotic crossroad of Meerut, a shop named “Derawal dresses & co.” is famous since ages for something the outsiders cant even guess!!

Its the Summer’s best delight-Mango Shake!! There is something ambrosial about this heavy, full flavoured shake of Derawal that attracts an enormous crowd of people standing in long queues under the unbearable sun’s heat. But trust me, its worth it! So, if you haven’t tried it yet “its never too late”, as the king of fruits is already awaken.

Mango Shake at Derawal, Lal Kurti.

10. Gol Market ki Coffee vs CCD ki Coffee!

Meerut has got many cool Chai points serving kadak adhrak wali chaai. But when it comes to Coffee, people look for those expensive cafes and of course, Cafe Coffee Day.

Located in the heart of the city itself, mostly Meerutwallas are unaware of this small shop at the corner of Gol Market ( better known as New ways wali Market) which serves this amazingly rich, creamy Butter Coffee at just rupees 20.

“a sip of this hot brewed coffee under the trees with birds chirping all around in Gol Market’s Park is my favourite Stress buster and my weekend getaway from home.”

Butter Coffee on a Rainy day at Gol Market, Saket.

11. Dil Bole Chole Bhature!!

The thing about Chole Bhature is that its never restricted to just two. Because Chole-Bhature isn’t just food. It’s one of man’s greatest accomplishments. And certainly one of his most pleasurable experiences.

Greasy, Spicy and oh so fattening, yet we love them. Its a dish you just cant say no to. We have two famous shops in Meerut serving zaikedar Chole Bhature- “Dilli Chole Bhature wale and Pinky Chole Bhature wale.”

Both are the gems of our city and have a historical competition. But what i enjoy most are the fluffy bhaturas served with masaledar Chole at Dilli Chole Bhature wala’s restaurant- Flavours.

Chole Bhature from Dilli Chole Bhature Wale

Street food of Meerut has always been a gastronomical adventure for me because its not only something you pick up in a hurry while roaming around in the city.. its an emotion, innovation and a surprise! And who doesn’t love Surprises??

Meerut has so much to offer now. Apart from these street side delights, this city too is following the trend of lavish bakeries, Waffle shops and pretty cool cafes..

Par kya wo cafe me Spaghetti khane ka maza utna hi hai jitna dosto ke sath bahar golgappe khane me?”

Happy eating,folks…

Follow and become a part of my food journey on Instagram- @thehunger_lust and witness the culinary saga of Meerut and other cities nearby.



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