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Open Source update

Mezzanine Instagram is “Better than your grandma’s polaroids” and more…

It is a little known fact that in the last six months or so I’ve put up a couple simple web apps on GitHub as open source.

I’ve contributed before, but usually just documentation and related non-code to very large projects, like Plone and Django. I’d chalk up my reticence to just not having had control of the software I was writing or to not wanting to ask for the permission to publish.

This time around is a little different, since I’m a partner at a pretty great creative agency, Butchershop. Not only do I have the call on making something open source, it’s also pretty easy to tell what people might find useful thanks to all of our clients. So without further ado here are a couple little things I made.


A presentation and an example Django project code for a CMS site running on Heroku and Amazon S3 for next to nothing. (S3 is really cheap, Heroku is free). Uses the awesome Mezzanine CMS

Mezzanine Calendar

An app that adds a calendar to Mezzanine.

Mezzanine Facebook

An app that integrates Mezzanine with Facebook.

Mezzanine Instagram

An app that integrates Mezzanine with Instagram. A pretty great example of using OAuth a couple of views and templates to get the job done.

I just pushed a simple but really useful update to Mezzanine Instagram and gosh would so love some bug reports about any of them.

P.S. This is my first post on Medium and I gotta say I’m pretty happy with the writing experience so far.

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