Take every chance and use it to its own advantage

You already heard many times that you have to listen more and talk less. Well, that’s true, and in this short post i will try to explain why.

When you listen you hear a lot, more then you expect, but many people love to talk because they feel smarter, but opposite is true. Why you have to listen? Because you have control, and people who have control often are smarter.

Let’s say for example, you have to meet with someone, some kind of business meeting or something else. Obvious you need time and place to meet with people, so your interlocutor says: “Suggest time and place!”. The point here is that you have apsolute control over meeting, you can choose place and time that suits best for you, and many people don’t realize this fact.

You need to take advantage of situation when you have chance to do this, don’t return ball on the other side, and don’t let other side decide for you.

This is true in many life situations, so next time someone ask you to suggest something, remember this post and take advantage of situation, take control! You will be more relaxed, prepared and smarter. Then let other’s talk, and you sit, listen, and ask questions.

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