Negative Feelings Lead The Way to Lasting Joy!

Negative Feelings: “Don’t Shoot!”

Negative Feelings are the Symptom, not the problem!

Fighting, ignoring, or even trying to fix the surface symptom is like taking your car to a mechanic because the maintenance light is ON, but instead of finding what’s wrong and fixing it, he just turns off the maintenance light!

Traditional meditation or breathing exercises will not fix the root problem.

Meditation is a great tool to access our internal compassionate and peaceful energy!

Just exaggerating to highlight a point 😇

Then what should we do with our negative feelings?

Negative Feelings ALWAYS have a reason for doing what they do, and it is ALWAYS with positive intentions!

Example 1 — Demotivation

Example 2 — Anger

“Do all negative emotions have positive intentions? Even suicidal thoughts?”

“So is it possible to change these negative feelings at all?”

The protector and the inner child

Forcing yourself to change negative feelings without fully understanding them, makes them even worse!

When negative emotions are fully suppressed, they will find means to express themselves in ways that would appear completely unrelated to you!

For the negative feelings to change their role, we need to be able to heal the old wounds that they are protecting.

“Consolidation” turns short-term memories into long-term memories. “Retrieval“ brings back those long-term memories and re-activates them. Reconsolidation re-stores those memories back to long-term memories with a different “emotional memory”

Personal Example of Resolving a Negative Feeling

My Recommendation

What can bring peace, joy, and wholeness at the deepest, most sustainable level of our being, as quickly as possible?


  1. “Why Reframing can be Dangerous
  2. TED video by an emotion researcher explaining how emotions are created
  3. Video explaining memory reconsolidation
  4. Great article on what is IFS therapy and where it comes from




Product Manager, Startup Founder, Music producer, Zouk/Bachata Dancer, & mental-health junkie

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Sasha Eslami

Product Manager, Startup Founder, Music producer, Zouk/Bachata Dancer, & mental-health junkie

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