Sasha Jacob Toronto — Taking the First Step Into the Renewable Energy Sector

In the most recent years, the demand for renewable energy has increased. This is due to the benefits that can be gained from it compared to traditional energy sources. Many countries to date are converting to renewable energy sources such as the wind, the sun, water, and geothermal. This is not only due to cheaper production cost but to play a role in the preservation of the environment as well.

One of the largest global companies to venture into the prospering renewable energy industry is Jacob Capital Management Inc., currently led by its CEO and founder Sasha Jacob.

Sasha Jacob on leading the pioneer Jacob Capital Management Inc

An overview of Jacob Capital Management Inc.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada, the firm is running its operations with clients across the globe. Sasha Jacob financial advisory firm has gained its international fame by being the pioneer financial and strategic advisory firm in Canada to focus on the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. It is an independent full-service financial firm working with small to mid-cap companies in the infrastructure, power, technology, energy, and mining sector.

Jacob Capital Management Inc. primarily focuses on companies in North America. The firm covers a large area of the energy spectrum ranging from renewable energy and clean technology to conventional utilities to oil and gas to energy linked natural resources. The company earned its popularity among its clientele for using a focused approach to provide insights through the team’s’ ability to analyze influencing factors within the clean and conventional energy sectors.

The Person Behind The Pioneer Company

In most occasions, every successful company begins with a rough start. That was the case for Sasha Jacob. For Mr. Jacob, it was not an immediate success. He had to go through some dark skies before finally seeing the silver lining. He had to bring his 20 years of experience from different industries before establishing a firm ground for Jacob Capital Management Inc.

He received his BA from Bishop’s University, his MBA from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and is completing his LLM at the University of Toronto. Sasha Jacob is known to dedicate his time and passion in everything he does, earning him several awards such as Laurier MBA Alumni 2009 Outstanding Executive Leadership Award and the Bishop’s University Top 10 After 10. Before founding his firm. Sasha Jacob has also served politically being the Special Assistant to the Minister of Energy. He is currently a part of many international charitable organizations, such as WWF-Canada and Plan International, where he currently serves as one of the board members. Get to know more about Sasha Jacob Toronto as one of the popular names in the renewable energy industry as financial advisor.

Jacob Capital Management has Come A Long Way

After it was founded, the firm has undoubtedly helped develop the renewable energy sector. It has also gained a wide network of clientele through its reliability and expertise. Over the years, Jacob Capital Management Inc.has been renowned for being the first financial advisory firm to focus on renewable energy, arrange the first ever pure play wind company in Canada, co-founded the largest hydro-developer in Sri Lanka and Uganda and managed the most geothermal financing globally for public companies.

The team is set to accomplish more for the renewable energy sector and further develop its prospering state. Jacob Capital Management Inc. has indeed established a reputable name and a firmer foundation since it first started due to its excellent team, valuable and loyal clients, and its outstanding leader. Sasha Jacob Toronto hopes to make more developments on the renewable energy and clean energy sector, as well as gain more companies to invest in the burgeoning sector. They are currently based in Toronto but will further operate globally.