Sasha Jacob — How does Wildlife Conservation benefit Humans

We are already aware of the fact that a number of flora and fauna species have become extinct over the years. Although losing a number of species is a normal part of evolution, humans are losing more and more animal species at an alarmingly rapid pace.

There are plenty of reasons why many of them are led to extinction. A few would be overpopulation, deforestation, consumer culture, climate change, animal exploitation, and the list goes on. As experts argue, humans are now facing the sixth great extinction.

According to Sasha Jacob Capital Management Inc, the public have increasingly become involved in the recent years all thanks to non-profit organizations who focus on the issue. Sasha Jacob, the CEO and President of Jacob Capital, is one of the current board members of WWF-Canada. Along with the organization, Mr. Jacob believes there are plenty of reasons why wildlife conservation is not only important for animals but for humans as well.

Sasha Jacob explains how wildlife conservation benefits humans

1. Food Security

One of the most vital roles of wildlife conservation to humans is food security. Through the protection of forests against deforestation as well as restoring natural habitats, economic opportunities would rise.

Moreover, wildlife conservation helps in promoting agricultural diversity. It is a crucial factor in building a secure and thriving food system. However, when this diversity is abused, resources and extensive habitat loss take place. This would inevitably have a drastic impact on the nutrition and health of some social groups.

2. Public Health

The wildlife has been helping scientists and researchers come up with ways to improve human health and has been of great aid in modern medicine. According to a study, more than 50 percent of modern medicines and more than 90 percent of traditional medicines come from wild plants and animals. These traditional medicines represent an important pharmacopeia and body of medical knowledge that is often hard to be replaced by synthetic alternatives.

Sasha Jacob also added how promoting a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity buffers the transmission of diseases on humans. It has been proven that reduced diversity among mammal species increases the number of animal-borne diseases to humans.

3. Creates Opportunity

Biodiversity is known to create a large opportunity may it be on the economy, society, and culture. This opens up doors to more farmers in improving their agricultural productivity. Unique species also lures in tourists from all over the globe, allowing local businesses and investments to earn more. But most especially, it brings the whole community together as they exert a team effort in protecting and nurturing the wildlife.

One of the major reasons why the wildlife has degenerated is mainly due to unsustainable human demands. Unconscious decision and selfish way of thinking have eventually led to an exceedingly destructible planet.

Thankfully, more and more organizations such as WWF with Sasha Jacob continues to raise international awareness. Through this, the process of achieving a healthy wildlife has become increasingly possible. According to them, Biodiversity underpins the health of the planet and has a direct impact on all our lives. Put simply, reduced biodiversity means millions of people face a future where food supplies are more vulnerable to pests and disease, and where freshwater is in irregular or short supply. If biodiversity is capable affecting human lives in dramatic ways, then surely the excessive effort put on wildlife conservation is worth it.

Finally, Sasha Jacob emphasizes the need to take action. Sure, there may already be organisations dedicated to wildlife conservation but there is still a need for each and every person to play a part. start by changing your ways. By living a greener life, what seems to be a small contribution becomes the change needed once everyone gets involved.