Sasha Jacob — How to Choose the Best Financial Advisor

We all want to improve our financial situation and you might be thinking that you handle your finances well but we often have lack of awareness of financial opportunities and best practices. Financial planning can give you a better preparation and flexibility for life changes and it protects you from mistakes and unexpected circumstances. They perform tasks quickly and efficiently matching your preferences to reputable advisors that are suited to your needs.

But when it comes to money, Sasha Jacob can go an extra mile in searching and providing the best financial advisor. He is the CEO of Jacob Capital Management Inc. which is a strategic and financial advisory firm. Here are some helpful tips you may consider if you are looking for a financial advisor that can fit for your money needs.

Traits of an excellent financial adviser by Sasha Jacob

1. They spend more time helping people

Financial advisers know the type of people who can help them grow their business. They always understand that deepening those relationships through communications and interaction builds a pathway for the new business to find them. Sasha Jacob financial advisory firm believes that building a strong relationship with clients is the key to business’ success.

2. They run their calendar

They establish rules for scheduling their time and teach their staff to respect and follow that rules they made. They have an excellent time management and the center of it is a functional calendar that a financial advisor and his staff actually follow. Their appointments are scheduled on purpose well in advance. Their calendar just includes appointments with staff and appointments for the advisor to address important projects.

3. They thoughtfully plan for the future of the plan

They know where they are and where they want to take their businesses. They base on meaningful metrics and understanding of what moves the metrics in the right direction and these assessments and plans aren’t abstract. They have a clear picture of their ideal client for today and for five years from now.

4. They protect their clients from the unexpected

They learn to anticipate the unexpected and have a plan ready to address those situations which either situation where businesses are disrupted but the advisor is still able to lead his staff in taking care of their clients until things return to normal. Or, situations where the advisor is unable to make decisions due to illness, injury or death. Financial advisors like Sasha Jacob do not only make plans to address these situations, but they also communicate them to family, staff, and clients to update them frequently.

5. They assemble a team to collectively work for their mission

Financial advisors need the right people in their team and they need to share their vision with one another. They create solid job descriptions, updates the manual of their employees and conduct formal performance evaluations.

6. They can communicate well formally and frequently

They reinforce their vision and mission, communicate business status, address challenges, acknowledge successes, give feedback on the performance on both good and bad, team and individual, answer questions, and provide directions to their team.

7. They seek input, resources and professional advice

They talk to fellow financial advisors and business owners to find out what worked for them. They find a mentor or hire a coach and they obtain the feedback that they can trust, and then act on it to get better.

Now that you know what financial advisors or what they do to be the best in the industry, you can now be assured that the financial advisor that you will get will give you the best service that you need. Sasha Jacob Capital Management Inc can give you a sense of ease and trust towards his clients and understands that their hand-earned money should well be taken care of.

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