Sasha Jacob — 5 Significant Things to Know on Wildlife Conservation

As the highest form of life here on this planet, we should also take part in giving mother nature an ecological balance on this earth, animals, plants, and marine species that are also as important as humans. It is a great responsibility for us to save the wildlife and our planet. Now, there are government bureaus and organizations that help promote different wildlife and conservation areas.

Sasha Jacob, founder, and CEO of Jacob Capital Management Inc. provides his perspective on the ability of WWF to maximize its impact with the contributions from dedicated donors. They have been working to protect the wildlife in Canada and even abroad. They saw that the carbon waste emitted from non-renewable energy could highly damage the environment and endanger the wildlife. So aside from supporting renewable energy sources, it also links to helping the wildlife conservation of the animals around the renewable energy source.

Reasons why you should protect wildlife by Sasha Jacob

1. It helps promote biodiversity

The delicate balance of the ecosystem will be disturbed which will then lead to disastrous results if the wildlife is extracted from its natural habitat. There is a wide diversity of species that is living in a tropical rainforest and biodiversity is essential for a healthy and functional ecosystem. If any species have become extinct, the food chain is automatically disrupted which affects all the species.

2. It is beneficial for humans

A lot of medicines have been derived from the chemicals produced by animals. This is the main role of wildlife protection because when the animals are gone, it will be impossible to study or learn from them. Many extracts from animal species are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. That is why Sasha Jacob is actively participating in protecting the wildlife because a lot of wildlife has disappeared from earth due to human activities such as the Bali tiger, Mexican grizzly bear, and Japanese wolf.

3. It helps conserve the natural habitat of animals

Of course, when it comes to protecting the wildlife, it includes the conservation of their natural habitat. This can also enrich our planet and this keeps the animals in their natural place. This is also beneficial to humans since it help keeps the essential watersheds intact which ensures clean and fresh water. This also educates the people and raises awareness regarding the importance of protecting these wildlife species. Financial advisor Sasha Jacob with WWF Canada do their very best to conserve the environment making it a place that perfectly suits to wildlife.

4. For agriculture and farming

Since the human population depends on the agricultural crops and plants for food needs, we rely on birds, bees, and insects for pollination. When these animals that carry the pollen reduced, the crop growth will be significantly affected if the pollen-carrying birds and insects are reduced in numbers for whatever reason. Do you know that 90 percent of the world’s apple crop is dependent on honeybee pollination?

5. For a healthier environment

Many microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and earthworms feed on plant and animal wastes that decompose them and releasing their chemicals back into the soil which replenishes it with nutrients that in turn, are taken up by roots of plants, enabling them to grow and develop. Also, birds like vultures help remove the carcasses of dead animals in which they keep the surroundings clean.

Indeed for many, wildlife is the source of income and it provides them with food for their table. But also consider the great loss if wildlife become unbalanced. This will have an impact on the livelihoods of the people who are directly dependent on the wildlife industry. It will also have a cascading effect on every human being. That is why Sasha Jacob Capital Management Inc dedicates their full support to the WWF-Canada and they will remain as a loyal partner to the organization for the years to come.