Dear Diary.

Hello, Dear Diary. It’s me. Rachel. And it’s the first your page. People in the Net told that you would help me with my problems, so I decided to try.
Well, you know, it’s really hard times now. One day I was happy. I had a husband, whom I loved and who loved me. Actually, I still love him. We lived together in our warm home near the railroad. But one day I learned that he had been cheating on me. It broke my heart and I left. I found a new house and a neighbor, but my heart was still broken. I started drinking and became addicted to alcohol. Every second of every day I was thinking about Tom. I couldn’t forget him. I love him too much. Every day was the same. I took the train to London to my work, went past my husband and my ex-house and past one more house, where one lovely couple lived. I don’t know who they are and what they do, but I called them Jess and Jason. I loved to watch on them and to image their story. For me they were proof of true love. After some time I was fired, because of my addiction. But I couldn’t tell it to my neighbor, so I continued to go to London by train, but all day I just was seating in library looking for a job. 
In one day, when I was in the train going past Jess and Jason’s house, I noticed Jess, but not with Jason, it was another man. I understood that she cheated on Jason and from that day all troubles began. 
Cathy — my neighbor evicted me from her house, because of my addiction again. And when I was in London looking for way out of my problem I saw the news about some Megan, who was missing. And in photo of this woman I recognized my Jess. I was shocked. Now, finally, I’ve learned about my Jess. And she was missing. I was so disappointed so I was bumped down by a taxi and got into a hospital. After checkup Cathy took me back home. After some days the police came to our house to talk with me. They suspect me of Megan’s missing. It was Anna — Tom’s new wife — who brought them to me. The police asked me about that night when Megan missed, but I didn’t remember anything. I was drunk. Again. They left our house, but then I decided to go to the police office and to tell them all what I know. I did it next day. And from that moment I realized that I should help Scott — my Jason — to find Megan. From that moment I’m not just a girl from the train.