Why do you want to be in a relationship?
Jessica Semaan

We are all guilty of wanting attention but there is always someone that comes in your life and completely changes it. This is a very good question because I’ve been dealing with that as well. Not saying who, but this guy I work with always shows me some sort of flirtatious action towards me almost every time I work with him and I can’t help to feel flattered about it because it’s cute! We all love that feeling to be “center of attention”. Anyways it’s important to be in a relationship because you desire not just their looks but their heart! It’s important to grow with one another and when you get married you become one so your both in it to gather, for better or for worse! Also being in a relationship can build self esteem because both can feel prideful of who they’re with and how amazing their other half is! Relationships are good in many more different ways you just need to really choose for the right person because you can’t settle for anyone, you settle with the one who connects with you more!