Alexandru’s Puzzler Project

For a project I’ve had in my VR developer class at Udacity I created a mobile VR game. This was part of our VR Design course. I was required to design build, program and do the rest of the necessary work that was required to make this app workable and playable. This game starts outside a torch lit dungeon then you enter to solve a Simon says puzzle on 5 floating orbs. If you succeed you may exit the dungeon but if you fail you may have to repeat until you beat the puzzle.

Interesting things to note

This project was made with the purpose for users that are new to mobile VR experiences so I tried to make a simple yet interestingly effective app to demonstrate how cool or useful VR applications can be. I would like to say this project was a lot of fun to make and not only did it reaffirm what we’ve learned earlier but also helps us understand how the whole process looks. I was able to design the app and start building it. Throughout I was able to have feedback from potential users and implement changes as the app was being built. I truly enjoyed doing this project without having any parts that I didn’t like which is very lucky. Usually you hit a block sometimes trying to figure out how to move forwards after design phase. Overall this project took me about 8 hours to finish.


The way the project was built was through implementing user input throughout the app building process. At the end of every stage the app was presented to a potential user and feedback was recorded to make improvements. The environment is easy to interact with and overall a fun experience to have.

Puzzler VR

Process Section

Statement of Purpose: “Puzzler is a mobile VR application for new VR users which challenges them to solve a familiar type of puzzle in a new way.”


Daniel Reed

This project required to create a persona so I created Daniel Reed. He is 24 years old. Daniel recently got his license as a real estate agent and is looking eagerly for new clients. He works at a startup with the owner who used to work for multiple Real estate agencies looking to make his own. In his free time he likes to play mobile games maybe even a VR game. He also likes being challenged.


Here are some sketches I used to begin this project.

UI Design Ideas

User Testing

I had tested the application with 2 users one was with a little experience and the other with none.

User Test 1

First user was tested for the size of the environment and to see if they were comfortable. It was “normal sized dungeon” as they said. Was happy with the results.

User Test 2

This test was conducted for the UI size and text proportions. Also to see if it was easy to read. The user was able to read the UI with ease and understood what was about to happen.

User Test 3

This was the movement test user didn’t exhibit or mention anything about VR sickness. Speed was too fast needed to change slightly.

Breakdown of the final piece

Overall this app introduces a new user to the VR app world. You start out by the door of the dungeon and a menu appears asking you to enter the dungeon as you begin you are confronted by 5 floating balls that light up a pattern. You must repeat this pattern to pass through to the other side and “escape”. At the end you will be prompted to start again.

Next Steps…

This project can be expanded on to multiple rooms and puzzles. Designing and implementing will be in the future.