Night at the Museum Project

For the final project on term 3 at Udacity we were asked to develop a VR space in which we can put our research up for display. We were asked to research any VR company, application, or a industry that VR may impact or be already impacted. I chose to research the medical industry and what possibilities come with VR. You appear in a hallway with a message in front and after you click the button you may proceed to the end of the hall. At this point you will have another message explain how to proceed to the “information booths”. Teleport to the orb you desire and press the button to have the information be revealed.

Interesting thoughts about this project

I built this application for the purpose to inform anyone interested in what VR can do in the world specifically the medical field. Most of the time when someone speaks about VR it is usually about a game, I wanted to demonstrate that VR can affect our world in a positive way beside gaming. Overall I had a blast designing, testing, implementing and developing this app. I was able to use previous lessons and previous things we learned in class to use in this app. I had few times I had hit a block without any way of moving forward. I found out taking a break can deal with the issue most of the time. I have spent 16 hours in total that includes all phases.

VR in the medical field

Throughout each stage I received feedback from close friends and family, and was able to create the app with the least amount of bugs and issues. The VR space should be easy to interact with and be able to read all the information.

Night at the Museum project

Process Section

Statement of Purpose: “Night at the museum a mobile VR application for new and experienced VR users which informs them about the possibilities of using Virtual Reality systems to improve patients cares and needs.”


Jonathan Miles

This project required to create a persona so I created Jonathan Miles. He is 22 years old. Jonathan is looking into a future in the medical field of study, but he also wants to make sure he will have a job that will keep him up with date with technology as well. He has some research about VR and all the games that people play but is curious how effective it can be in the Medical industry.


Here are a few sketches that was part of the designing phase of the project.

Top View
UI Design
Wall info

User testing

I had conducted user tests with 3 people all of of which had some experience with VR.

User Test 1

User was tested for overall speed of movement and design for the room. User 1 expressed that speed is alright. User 2 has mentioned the position of camera was not very good, position was too low and has been adjusted. User 3 mentioned size of room a little big but its not a issue.


What I have decided to do with the information gathered is change the speed you travel and bring the camera a bit higher. The changes were minor but could notice the changes drastically.

User Test 2

All subjects expressed the need for the font to be more visible and larger maybe change the color.


I changed the font size of the buttons because they were too small, color theme changed to match the futuristic gallery.

Breakdown of the final piece

Overall this app introduces information to the user about the great ways the medical field can be impacted by VR. Game goes as follows:

  1. You are welcomed to the informational gallery with a message, Click to begin.

2. As you reach the big room you get another message prompting to choose a orb that will teleport you to the wall with a button.

3. Press the button and read on look at the pictures or even watch a informational video. You can press reveal and if you want audio file read the information. You can Pause or Play

4. You may move to any desired orb by having the recticle pointer hover over and click to move to location.


This project has been has thought me some new things in unity as well as got to do some research on VR in the medical field. Some challenges faced making this application: I have struggled with design phase as I couldn't come up with how to make the location look. I finally came to the idea to create a futuristic type of informational lobby with a clinic/hospital vibe to it. Other challenges include making the UI visible enough but make it part of the world a little transparent but feel like it could blend in with the environment. Making the informational panels were a bit difficult in the beginning as I wanted to give it a futuristic television/hologram feel in the space you’re in. The rest of the project was just putting in the work to design and create plus writing and researching a few scripts. In the end I am happy with the output of the project it came together and it teaches something new!

Next Steps…

This project could have more responsive elements maybe more information to be added. All possible for future development.