I remember the day I realized I was bipolar clearly. I wasn’t sitting in a clinician’s office, but at a Chipotle. Specifically the one on Sutter Street in San Francisco’s Financial District.

It was October of 2018, and I was incredibly, tragically, and inexplicably depressed. Things had gotten so severe that I had taken a disability leave from my first full time job after college, a job that just a few months prior I had been elated to begin. It was these circumstances that placed me downtown at 3 PM, munching on a burrito bowl, surrounded by men in suits.

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Real life footage of my brain refusing to respond to treatment. | Image: Pixabay

I was eating at 3 PM for the first time that day after coming from my daily transcranial magnetic stimulation appointment. The treatment, “TMS”, involved the transmission of magnetic waves into my brain for twenty minutes a day. Apparently, for some 55% of patients who are unresponsive to antidepressants, it stimulates activity in the parts of their brain that are depressed. …


Sasha Perigo

This blog sees the 1 in 10 blog posts I actually finish writing. You can hire me to write professionally by emailing sasha dot perigo at gmail dot com!

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