Spotify: Access All Areas

Today the world is listening to music mainly produced in the United States and the United Kingdom. Musicians from other countries dream of working with US and British labels. Some are lucky enough to make this happen, but the vast majority is still known only to listeners in their countries.

Before I moved to the US, I lived in the Ukraine and worked at the regional radio station that followed the music trends of Britain and the United States. But our team didn’t forget to promote our native product as well. We realized that most of our audience perceived English-speaking Ukrainian artists as foreign. They were English-speaking due to their desire to enter the international market, but that’s a whole other story.

The region of Ukraine where the station is located borders with many countries of the EU. We naturally featured Ukrainian music but also gave airtime to music of neighboring countries. The audience was delighted to hear music from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland etc. The music market of these countries was virtually unknown to the Ukrainian audience even though we were very close geographically.

It’s not a secret that despite the fact that Spotify is not “officially” available in the Ukraine, by using VPN software we were (and are) using it. You’re probably not thrilled with this fact but it does show the influence of Spotify in the music market. As one of the most popular services Spotify has many levels of influence, one of them may be section, for example, Artists Around the Area / AAA. This helps discover “musical diamonds”, which don’t have the opportunity to get the exposure they’d hope for in the world.

You have many options for development in this direction, considering the existing technologies of Spotify and other modern resources. For example you can customize the contacts with existing teams around the world who are involved in spreading the word about little known music. For example, Information is taken from their web-site: “We are music journalists, bloggers and DJ’s from around the world. We collect and carefully select what’s best in our local scenes to present it to the global audience. If you know any artist we should check out, let us know”.

By the way, team of has their page at Spotify.

Spotify — is the present and the future of music. I’d like to share more ideas at our meeting, Spotify. ☺

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